Friday, September 25, 2009

Being read

Emminences, Excellencies, Monsignori, Fathers, Many thanks for logging in.
3% of Readers are in the Vatican. There seem lately to be an increased number of people who log onto this blog with a Holy See IPS. The number seems to have risen after the Williamson debacle and Fr Lombardi said that the Vatican would be monitoring the internet more closely. I know other more distinguished bloggers have noticed an increase in Holy See and Rome IPSs on there blogs.


Elizabeth said...

Brilliant Father, it’s wonderful to know that the Holy Father's advisers are now reading blogs to find out people's opinions. It is brilliant that you provide the sheep of this world (like me) with so much up to date and Holy news, but to know that you, as well as many other Holy priests, are being listened to in the Vatican makes the Internet worth while (even though it carries so much evil and temptation).

God Bless you and your work.

me said...

Well how very odd,I just finished praying the Rosary and offered one of the Decades up for the Pope,and Cardinals and Archbishops in Rome! I have never specifically done that before.

I don't have a clue who or how many visit my blog,unless they leave a comment.You computer tech experts leave me way behind.

Anyway,I hope your Vatican readers are regular Rosary prayers as endorsed by all Popes.

Fr Michael Brown said...

I had a hit from the Vatican at 2am European time. That intrigued me!

gemoftheocean said...

Don't forget the nuns who need a good read after doing himself's laundry and cooking.... and all those nice nuns who can speak 82 languages to field questions from visitors all over the globe.

Francis said...

Fr. Ray,

It's like Summorum Pontificum all over again.

Until recently, Catholic blog browsing by Vatican officials was 'never abrogated' but probably done surreptitiously. It wouldn't win you any points career-wise if you were known to indulge in it.

But now blog browsing in the Vatican has been made official -- 'fully liberated', if you like -- and given strong endorsement at the highest level.

Now the Holy See can find out what's really happening, and we commenters will have to sharpen up our grammar and be more concise. There you go: 'mutual enrichment' already!

GOR said...

You're probably being read in Oslo also, Father!


Bryan said...

Do none of the nuns there have access to the internet!?

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

A gentle rubuke in the charity of Our Lord!

May I remind you that "Williamson" is a Bishop of the Catholic Church and should be addressed as befits his office.

Whilst you are perfectly free to deplore His Excellency's personal views in matters historical, you are not free to disdain the sacred office he holds, whether licitly or illicitly, by referring to him by surname as though he were a secular person.

I bring this to your attention in the hope that you will, in future, give all consecrated souls of God their rightful titles, just as others should give due respect to yours.

This having been said, may I congratulate you on your Medjugorje piece. You truly speak for the Church when you declare with her that there is nothing supernatural in these apparitions, at least not in a Godly sense!

I haven't read much on your blog, but I see that you promote the holy rosary. This tells me immediately that you have a good priestly soul. May Our Lady bless you for encouraging souls to cultivate this wonderful and powerful devotion to Her.

Let us hope that with an increase in rosaries, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will soon triumph, the crisis in the Church will end, all things will be restored in Christ and the world will enjoy a time of true peace (Fatima).

Martin Blackshaw

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Big Father is watching !!!

Diane Korzeniewski said...

3% of Readers are in the Vatican

LOL, Father! That's just the folks at the new department of internet research created after the Williamson fiasco. You are being monitored!

Andrew said...

Hey... that's me from Malaysia.

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