Thursday, September 17, 2009

Men are...

The loss of Christ as a central model for our culture creates all types of problems.

The model that most men have of being manly is essentially dysfunctional, for Catholics the model is Jesus, strong, compassionate loving self giving. "Conversion" for men is often more difficult them than for women, for women it is pretty easy to understand Jesus loves them. For men this is today more difficult, being loved by a another man, in our society has all sorts of post-Freudian connotations. For most men speaking of Christ as someone who loves them is an obstacle. First, we have to speak of Christ as the model and preceptor for manly virtue.

A parishioner was telling me about an Opus Dei priest talking to a group of youths about how to stand walk and behave like a man. He sent this video link, I am not sure I agree with all that is being said, but it is interestingly provocative.


Londiniensis said...

A very powerful video. Thank you for posting it.

A generation ago, the answers would have been: strong, noble, fathers, btothers, bread-winners, protectors, hard-working, tough, wise, soldiers, priests, poets ...

George said...

To follow in the footsteps of Christ is our Christian vocation. I agree with you Fr Ray - most men today would see their role model in the form of Arnie 'Terminator' Shchwartzeneggar or Sylvester Stallone, any number of football players (whose names all escape me!) rich Tycoons etc...

Having been to many Opus Dei evenings of recollection for men these past 15 years or so I can say that St Joseph is thoroughly recommended as a 'seriously manly' role model. Also a great Saint for men to have a special devotion to especially when help for any situation is needed.

Not quite sure about the Opus Dei link with this particular video but a better (Opus Dei) take on men and their role as husbands and fathers can be found here (see link below) if you have a little time (an hour or so) to spare listening to sound advice:

and here:

if you wish to read some of Jim Stenson's material. This guy has what it takes and we could all do with taking on board much if not all of what he says - especially in today's world which has such a confused and distorted idea of our role as men.

Indeed feminism has gone so extreme as to almost wipe out the very notion of 'man'.

Michael Petek said...

Londoniensis says:

"A generation ago, the answers would have been: strong, noble, fathers, btothers, bread-winners, protectors, hard-working, tough, wise, soldiers, priests, poets ..."

This generation, one in five of them aged under 24 are NEETs.

Anonymous said...

This hatred discussed is in fact telling of the many forms of abuse inflicted by all abusers (of every gender, race, and creed) on their victims.

Abuse has so many forms. Of the most harmful are verbal, emotional, and spiritual. Those who seek to destroy others by diminishing their capacity to trust themselves and stand up for what's right are very dangerous people indeed.

Abuse is a silent killer that is often very difficult to prove. Abusers blame their victims, and society in turn, questions these same people unfairly.

We've seen such a rise in rude behavior these days. The lack of respect for fellow human beings has led the way to rampant abuse. Those who have been abused continue the cycle by responding reasonably to the treatment they received from them. Is it unreasonable to be angry, depressed, or ill when treated so harshly?

Perhaps that's the saddest thing of all. In turn, men, women, and children learn the psychology of hatred and perpetuate a society that preys on those who can't or won't defend themselves.

Perhaps it would be better to view people individually, rather than group them in an illogical mass that only promotes more hatred. Leadership is not domination, and love has always been known for its blinders.

Mr. Burke said...

Thank you for the link George. All of the articles are helpful! I'm going to be a father in November, and I found the links hugely informative. Thank you.

JARay said...

A most powerful video. I found it ringing true again and again. We live in a very sick society and that society's answer is to oppress men more and more. Women are always the victims in marriage breakups and the children must, of course, go to live with the mother and the father has to pay...and not just with what money he might have left to him after the breakup.
This is the way our sick society now thinks and acts.
Men are ridiculed and equated with the likes of Homer Simpson.


George said...

MJJ says - "Leadership is not domination". Absolutely right.

True leaders earn respect through their example and humility.

They NEVER demand respect through physical or legalistic domination.

George said...

many congratulations PLS!

Fatherhood is an awesome responsibility. Remember that God's gift to us are His children, our 'gift' back to God is how we bring up His children. We only have ONE chance at getting it right, so God Bless you and so glad you found the Parent Leadership website useful.

Michael Noel said...

The love of Christ is problematical for men who have not been brought up in a religious tradition. I've always taken it for granted because I see Christ in a Trinitarian setting. But I remember being surprised years ago when somebody suggested that Christianity was an essentially homosexual religion, especially as represented by St John's Gospel. Nevertheless the fact that it appeals to Evangelical rugger buggers perhaps contradicts that view. Perhaps that's due to St Paul. Nevertheless, it remains enigmatic in a Catholic setting.

johnf said...

Stephen Bayley in this week's spectator asks "what makes elderly feminists so humourless and unlovable?"

Presumably because they started out as young humourless and unlovable feminists.

And stupid too. They claim to be so savvy and yet they have swallowed the bait of the "women's right to choose" hook, line and sinker. Now that abortion is regarded (at least in the UK) as the contraceptive of last resort, the men don't even have to buy condoms.

Good thinking sisters! You make Baldrick with his cunning plans seem like Einstein.

Feminism is possibly the most pernicious philosophy to scourge the modern world since communism. (Though some would say that man made global warmism runs it close).

Still it will burn itself out as it is fundamentally sterile, but at what a cost.

I wonder what the feminists would do if (God forbid) there were another Titanic incident and the cry went out 'women and children first'?

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