Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Earth and all Her Sacred Hearts

American Papist presents this video.
It is important that children are taught to respect the environment, to have a regard for the "common good" but pledging “allegiance to the earth and all Her sacred hearts", "Earth Mama", the mixing up of The Creator and the creature moves us to idolatory.
I don't know if the short haired elderly women in this film are nuns but this is one of the issues that seems to be behind the theological visitation of American religious, which is going on at the moment. Christianity can very easily descend into Deism.


Jacqueline Y. said...

Not Deism, so much as pantheism, it seems. "We learned that God and the world are one...". Caring for the environment is critical, but it can be taught without deifying creation. But for those who find orthodoxy unattractive, a substitute is required.

gemoftheocean said...

I did a little more digging around, because my first thought was WTH is this school that trashes the time honored "Pledge of Allegiance" that all American school children are taught to say? [Said AFTER standard start-of-the-day prayers in Catholic schools.]

I found their website. They are in Jersey City. One of the nuns is a "peace education director." When I saw that I wanted to throw up. We didn't HAVE "peace education" when I was a kid. We did have, however, nuns who would have put a physical fear into us if we talked back or disrespected God or Country. They would have seen this near Gaia worship as pantheistic claptrap.

Understand we did not waste things or throw them around school, but our nuns were not bunny huggers. We called it "good stewardship." [I notice these control freaks also *make* their kids turn in their math homework in pencil only. That's a lot of "assuming" going on there. I'd have disliked them on that score alone.]

Something about them wants me want to burn down a rain forest and buy a Humvee and turn on every lightbulb I see.

I could yell at them just for trashing the Pledge alone. I bet they also undermine patriotism in other ways too.

Physiocrat said...

Psalm 23:1 (Catholic numbering)

Pastor in Monte said...

Did I really hear those children sing at the beginning
'Who is the greatest Momma?'
(Our Blessed Lady? Holy Mother Church? No:)
Earth Momma'!

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