Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is L'Osservatore Romano Catholic?

Alright I am being provocative, but in a recently published interview with Tony Blair, it was so sycophantic, it was scandalous: no questions about his support of abortion, his promotion of "gay" partnerships and adoption, of contraception or for that matter of his a-theistic, "we don't do God" stance whilst in office.

See Fr Tim's take on it.
John Smeaton has a piece on it too.


berenike said...

Let's all write miffed letters with lists of examples of Blair's dubious actions. He recently did an interview with some self-identified gay magazine, though I can't remember now where I saw that (perhaps it was a link from this blog). The point being that he was cheering same sex marriages in it, as I recall.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I tend not to link to that sort of thing.

Michael Noel said...

One of the weaknesses of the Catholic Church in this country is the way it fetes the rich, the famous, celebrities and so on. But I am amazed that l'Osservatoro Romano has been taken in by Blair, given the knowledge the editorial staff must have of international affairs. Frankly, it is sickening that they don't realise the implications of lauding this wretched man as far as the Church's moral teaching and discipline is concerned. Not least it is undermining for those who fight for life and natural law.

The Blairs' Catholicism is skin deep. But there is one small consolation. Neither were invited to the new Archbishop of Westminster's installation and it is said that he is keeping them at arms length. Thank God for small mercies.

Independent said...

Respect the powere that be? Yes. Crawl to them? No. Resist them when thay are wrong? Yes.

If only all religious bodies had followed such an attitude. History is full of the unfortunate consequences of appeasing wrongdoers.

Volpius Leonius said...

Tony Blair is an idol to some it seems.

St. Paul warned the Romans against this very thing.

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