Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spanish Polychrome Statues

One of my favourite Museums is in Vallodolid, the Museo Nacional de Escultura, it has the most glorious collection of Spanish polychromatic sculpture.
Anna Arco has post on an exhibition that is going to be put on in London next month called The Sacred made real, she also shows this fascinating video to help you make your own statues, which shows everything from carving to painting and gilding.

Meanwhile, Fr Richard Alladics writes a little about Valladolid's most famous statue, La Vulnerata, a statue placed in the care of the English students in Valladolid after it was desecrated by by us English during the sack of Cadiz.

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Yurremendi said...

Excellent video, beautifully made. My father's uncle was a gilder, painter and restorer of statues and church decorations in Spain. Although he thought me a lot without the aid of all those computer animations, he would've loved this video.

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