Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her station keeping

The sword pierces her heart as the lance pierces his.
Christ suffers for humanity, she for her Son.
He undergoes the Passion, she the Compassion.
He embraces the Universe with outstretched arms, she embraces him.
He stands between Heaven and Earth, she between the Church and her Saviour.
He gives His life for the World, she is given to the Church.

The bad Pope Alexander VI, did several good things, one was to suppress the Feast of Our Lady's Swoon, saying the Gospel says, "She stood!"


Bill of L.A. said...

Very beautiful, Father. I've pasted it into a doc file on my desktop so I can reread it now and then.

me said...

Our Lady is a good example of female empowerment, although not as the modern world would understand it. My own self worth has never been so secure since I have become close to her.She is the most important woman that ever lived,our eternal destiny depended on her 'yes'. Surely her life example is worth studying and imitating for all women?
Mind you,I am no where near to copying her properly,but at least I am attracted to try,Thank God. It doesn't matter where your life has been or taken you,Our Lady will meet with you and you will begin to change and become who you truly are destined to be.

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