Sunday, September 13, 2009

Done by Atheists

Fr Dwight has found an article/advertisement in the Telegraph illustrating aetheist T shirts. He rather wisely says:
However, my own feeling is also that too many of us Christians partially have ourselves to blame for the new wave of atheism. Loud, stupid fundamentalists help to produce atheists. Bigoted, angry and legalistic traddies help to produce atheists. Wild, wacky and superstitious charismatics help to produce atheists. Unthinking, religionists who demand blind obedience help produce atheists.
I rather like the idea of polemical T shirts. How about this as an idea, the slogan "Done by Atheists"
  • with a picture of the killing fields of Cambodia
    of Soviet Gulags
    Nazi Concentration Camp
    an abortion
    20th Century Christian Martyrs
  • various modern torture devices
  • ugly Communist era buildings

I am sure you can add to the list.

Similarly "Done by Believers" T shirts could be illustrated by
  • different types of acts of charity
  • most works of art
  • pictures of saints
  • most scientific discoveries
The possibilities are endless, I like the idea of the Sistine ceiling or Galileo's telescope or a 19th century hospital ward.
The problem with atheists is they have no soul, if something can't be explained, it can't exist. Dear old Dawkins explains "love" in terms of "selfish genes". I have never understood how that explains beauty especially sublime music.


me said...

Rosaries prayed in faith stop atheism and bring peace too.One doesn't have to be noisy or public to pray the latter. Cova da Iria, Fatima October 13th 1917,70,000 plus witnessed the Miracle of the Sun,many of whom were atheists. On Oct 13th 1951 a MILLION people gathered at the Basilica(where Francesca and Jacinta are buried) at Fatima to pay homage to Our Lady.The faith of these three children moved more than mountains,and our's can too,if we believe.
Sorry if I sound like a description of one of Fr Dwight's 'off putting wacky types',but one must testify as one has received Grace after all,and it is my relationship with Our Lady,given to me by Jesus, that has changed my outlook from grown-up rationalist(haha)to child like believer.I wouldn't swap this inner pearl for all the tea in China.I can do charismatic fundie too,given enough notice!

Michael Petek said...

My father had to escape from a military lock-up and swim across the River Mura opposite Radkersburg, Austria, to get out of Yugoslavia because the Communists were going to shoot him.

Either he was paranoid, or some atheists really were out to get him.

me said...

Father, I just wanted to add the prayer given by the Angel of Peace to the three Fatima children before Our Lady's appearance to them.It is quite relevant to the point regarding belief and our responsibility towards atheists.

"My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, I love Thee. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, nor
adore, nor hope, nor love Thee."

nickbris said...

Wasn't "Uncle Joe" an Atheist? He must hold the World Record record for bumping off believers.

Christianity is booming in the former USSR and they have the benefit of a superior education to the rest of us.

Whoever designed that T shirt ought to be checked out,there is obvious evidence of a loose screw.

Anonymous said...

Good point, father. A picture of a large pile of human skulls in Cambodia or a modern excavation in Russia with remains of hundreds of victims with a title: "We atheists do not use stoning, we have more efficient tools."

I love the Catholic Church (among many other things) for the extraordinary respect of the reason and rationality. Only here can we find such rational believers as St. Thomas. And only here can we find such harmony between the spiritual and rational. Pope Benedict has made many nice points about rationality.

I think one important point is that atheists are struggling with a vague image of religion, an arbitrary admixture or all kinds of religion, under which they understand blind belif in something irrational unthinking stupid and "old-fashioned," all kinds of superstitions etc etc. Parenthetically, is this a consequence of an undue religious ecumenism bringing about the loss of the true identity and doctrinal specificity? But the Church actually is also struggling with all these superstitions!

One implication is that it is pointless to defend just the "religion" or "belief" in dispute with atheists because all religions are different (most totally irrational and wrong). We have to contrast the Catholic (or at least Christian) doctrine with atheism - I think (my personal experience tends to support this) many honest atheists may be surprised to find they rather converge with catholicism on many important points. Dumb, unthinking, bigoted and irrational atheists are equally stupid as the same religious.

Jef said...

The t-shirt is right, On one was stoned to death by atheists.
Yes people were shot, beaten, gassed, starved, frozen, Etc. Etc to death by atheists. but not stoned, we cant argue with them on that one.

Volpius Leonius said...

Well who has?

nickbris said...

JEF,What are you no about? gibberish & bad spelling spoils this blog,not to say some of the other incessant xenophobic nonsense.

Crux Fidelis said...

I've said this elsewhere but I'll say it again: Dawkins contends that there is nothing but matter and that there is no spirit. In that case, the Holocaust, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, 9/11 etc were nothing more than an unfortunate series of chemical reactions.

Frequently we hear non-believers bleating about having "religion rammed down their throats". However, in my experience they are the ones doing the most throat ramming.

Independent said...

Stoning people to death is in the modern world a Muslim habit for which all religions are getting the blame.

Pablo the Mexican said...

"Done by Atheists"

The list of things atributed to Atheists do not belong to the Atheists camp.

Those things belong to the 'Nonserviam', that is, Satan. The list are things the enemies of Christ did. Atheist just stand around watching, saying "Never again" as the same things happen over and over.


lizard said...

Blogger Crux Fidelis said...

Holocaust, ... the Killing Fields of Cambodia, 9/11 etc were nothing more than an unfortunate series of chemical reactions.

Crux, it is oversimplification. Dawkinsianism has many rational points, some are in fact even true (which is exactly as in all kinds of lies: mixing true and false to increase credibility), some are oovertly stupid.

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