Monday, November 23, 2009

An EF Baptism Training Video?

This is not quite what happened on Saturday but it underlines how important it is to encourage both parents and Godparents to go to confession before a baptism.
Thanks to Leon M.


tubbs said...


Yes, the old rite has so much more, hmmm, gravitas?

Patricius said...

Was that the complete old rite, Father? It lasted less than 5 minutes.

Dimbo said...

Please, what does ROFL stand for?

Fr Ray Blake said...

No, just a bit, the murders during it are usually omitted too.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Baptism is not symbolic.

Let us not forget that a Priest in his authority may bless us or curse us. Here in the United States, a Priest cursed his congregation for some stupidity on their part. It lasted sixty-five years, until the succeeding congregation did much penance, and then asked the Bishop to lift the curse. He did so.

Proper Baptism is a Sacrament with commands from the Priest taking that soul from Original Sin to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is nothing symbolic about it. Let us not demean our Priest. They are alter Christus.

A Protestant friend was commenting how great his Church was to live in. I told him Holy Mother Church is the only one to die in. Extreme Unction from our Priests opens the doors of Heaven wide for our souls to enter.

While we men do things that displease God, we crucify Him everyday in our sins, thank God we have women who can drag us into the gates of Heaven by their Faith, and prayers on our behalf. Hopefully, these Italian mobsters the film portrays were given the grace of true contrition upon their deaths. The Italians in America have financially supported Holy Mother Church, and are responsible for the building of many beautiful Churches across America. Many Italian families sacrificed more than they could afford that we may have a worthy place for the Blessed Sacrament.

Padre, not all the Angels in Heaven or all the Saints therein, can bring God from Heaven as you do when you say the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Your authority is not symbolic.

With the assurance of my Holy Rosary prayers for all your good work in the vineyard of the Divine Master, I remain yours truly in Jesus and Mary Immaculate.


Paulinus said...

Presumably he should go to confession AFTER the baptism too. Then turn himself in to the cops.

I love Latin delivered in a Noo Yawk accent. LOL.

Check your bed tonight, padre. I don't like to think of a horse's head in there. Capisce?

Discreet Observer said...

Forgive me for nitpicking (or being correct) but the prescribed colour for the priest's stole during Baptism is (was) white or white on one side and violet on the other; not red as shown in this film clip.
Perhaps it would be advisable nowadays when filming Catholic liturgical events that the priest should wear vestments containing all the liturgical colours then this would cover all possibilities.

Fr Ray Blake said...

The stole is definitely double sided, as for the colour, I think it might well be violet in a late liturgical movement, non-definitive way. There was a vogue for muddy pale colours, here a brown, reddish, violet. Though frankly it seems indistinguishable from the Cardinals habito choro.

tubbs said...

ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing.

George said...

The devil hates the Catholic Faith and throws every ounce of scorn and venom he can muster at every opportunity to make it appear he is stronger and more superior.

Hence this film with a script that constantly mixes the most abbhorent violence with Catholic Religious themes.

This clip illustrates the point: the gentlenesss of an innocent babe receiving Baptism mixed with the evil thugs hell-bent on murder!

The fact is that the Priest saying the prayers of Exorcism is INFINITELY more powerful than all those potato-head thugs with their guns put together - and Satan knows this, which is why he works constantly to undermine our Faith. Be on your guard. Personally I would not watch this film or its various follow-ons. Why should we line the pockets of the aetheists with agendas who roll out this constant drivel as pretence for entertainment!

Annie said...


Anonymous said...

I love this movie and if Im not mistaken it is set in the early seventies? that would make the sicilian clam traditionalist lol. What I always notice is that movies always portray the catholic faith in the traditional sense, the nuns ect look like nuns, the priest look like priest

Elizabeth said...

Father Ray,
Pablo, said a priest cursed his congregation, how could this happen. Such curses are surely demonic. I am not criticising what Pablo has written I just need help understanding why something like this could occur and be left for sixty five years?

Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Padre Blake,

Father Ray,
Pablo, said a priest cursed his congregation,...

Should you require I account for my statements, i most respectfully shall, thanking you for your benevolence.

In Cristo e Maria,



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