Monday, November 02, 2009

Requiem at SMM's

Preparations for our Requiem today, the last of our Masses was a Solemn High Requiem, we don't quite have a black High Mass set.

We don'y have a proper catafalque, we made this up from a leaf from my dining room table and draped it with a piece of cheap black velvet and bit of braid. I realised before Mass the cross was the wrong way round.

It is so good to have space in the Church to be able to things like this.

There is a video in production, which I hope will be put up soon.


gemoftheocean said...

Did you get to trinate?

I felt a shade guilty walking out after the first morning Mass...Fr. immediately started another right after -- and there wasn't a server to give the responses for thatone -- save some people way at the back. [He had servers for the 1st mass]I would have stayed but I had to get to work!

I know there were several Masses.

JARay said...

I well remember singing in a Solemn Requiem Mass for Pope Pius XII.
I have never forgotten it.
I would love to have such a Mass at my Requiem!
If you read the tome by Eamon Duffy under the title The Stripping of the Altars you will see just what a problem getting the black material to make vestments for Requiem Masses was for Sir Christopher Trychay, the priest at Morebath. No sooner had he got the material when such Masses were banned!

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