Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sanctuary Changes

The big problem we have had with the "mock-up" of the sanctuary is: where to put the chair.
I don't like being on show, sitting facing the people, nor do I think the celebrant should look as if he has "nipped off".

I have always had the chair between the pillars at the side, the new steps have meant there is no room for a server to pass between the priest and a pillar. The first arrangement with truncated steps seem the only possible arrangement short of having the chair on the topmost step but that would have meant the priest did not "go up" to the altar of God for the Eucharist, which in the West at least has always been important.

After a bit of work yesterday and today Peter and Rado gave us steps all the way along.
Our solution was simple, though not before we thought of it, which was to raise the chair on a block level with the first step, so the step can be used as a footpace.

We'll see how it works, before it is set in stone, or hardwood laminate. Whatever we choose I want some way of making the platform look as though it belongs to the chair rather than the architecture of the sanctuary.

If you have donated via Paypal I shall remember tomorrow at a Mass for our "e-benefactors", many of you have been very generous - thank you, may God bless you.


The Bones said...

That looks brilliant!

nickbris said...

That is a lot betternit doesn't look like deathtrap anymore

Anonymous said...

Fr Ray,
I fully understand how hard it is to get things like the sanctuary right; believe me, I really do, we have been through the same here! I think that the new, wider, steps are a marked improvement. Keep up the good work Father.
Fr Steven Fisher
Ramsgate, Kent, UK

Norah said...

By jove! I think you've got it! lol

Richard said...

A pity; I liked the "cross" shape that the truncated steps appeared to make. It also emphasised the visual effect of the steps. But I see why you have done this.

What about keeping the revised shape for the bottom step, but reverting to the truncated form for the second and third step?

Or would that look over-fussy?

Michael said...

Fr., it is an amazing improvement, it just looks right. Perfect!

old believer said...

Much better arrangement.

Physiocrat said...

That looks right, good. Design by Holy Spirit ARIBA perhaps.

But NOT the Great Architect of the Universe, please.

APL said...

I thought that usually the celebrants chair is on the right of the sanctuary as you look at it?

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