Monday, November 16, 2009

Newman's Cause criticises The Tablet's ignorance

picture: Cardinal Levada and Fr Paul Chavasse, Actor for the Newman's cause
This is a must read:
 The Cause for the Canonisation of  John Henry Cardinal Newman

There is very good analasys of what it means to be Catholic in an Anglican context, as Newman was, and very good reasons why Ms P's petulant little liberal fanzine is just wrong and out of touch with reality.

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Capt. Piers Stern said...

Father Blake,

The Apostolic Constitution did not please me.

On the basis of my experiences in Iraq, I have a strong dislike of the uniate movement. I regard what has been offered to the Anglicans as similar to was offered to the eastern churches in earlier centuries.

The uniate 'solution' is the natural result of ultramontane logic, if I can put it that way, but its proclaimed respect for local traditions is dubious.

We will have another faction, and this is not good for the wider societies involved. In the longer term, uniate churches have had more to do with disunity than unity.

Although, with regret, I strike a negative note, I remain yours truly,


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