Thursday, March 03, 2011

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy BRITISH PROVINCE

Some of us have been talking about setting up a British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, now one has been set up under the patronage of Saint Gregory the Great.
Looking at the profile of the younger priests of my own diocese and others in the South, I think this might appeal, its objects are:
Fidelity to Sacred Scripture, Magisterium, the Councils and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and to the inspirations, initiatives of the Holy Father.
Formation in human, spiritual, doctrinal aspects of the Priesthood, and assistance in the Priestly ministry of teaching, sanctifying and governing.
Fraternity in mutual support and encouragement of Priestly life and ideals by conferences, local chapters, study, Retreats and publications.
To join send £20 to CCB, St Mary Magdalen's Presbytery, 61 North Worple Way, Mortlake, London SW14 8PR, seminarians and vopwed religious can belong free
Join if you want to come to the next Chapter Meeting which is:

Tuesday 29th March 2011
in St Joseph's Pastoral Centre New Malden KT3 3QW
Fr Aidan Nicols OP will speak on
Priesthood and the Conversion of England
coffee 10.45am - Conference begins at 11.15am with Benediction at 1pm and lunch at 1.30pm

The Convenors are Fr Peter Edwards, Fr Marcus Holden & Fr Richard Whinder.

The Confraternity started in Australia by some younger priests where it seemed to have a significant effect in changing to the direction of the Church there, it has spread to the US and now, thank God, to the UK. At the moment its activities are based in the Southwark Diocese but local chapters are being organised in the Midlands, Northern, Western and other areas.
Although the Southern District Chapter meetings are in South London it is hoped a more central location will be found.
I am sure if lay people want to assist financially with printing and postage and other expenses or just to show support donations would be very welcome.
I am sure those joining the Ordinariate would be most welcome too.

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Fr David said...

Truly excellent news, Father.

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