Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pray for those leaving the C of E

The Ordinariate Portal has pictures of the priestly ordination of Edwin Barnes at Portsmouth Cathedral - my warmest congratulations to him.
There are also some moving statements of Anglican clergyman who are announcing that they are leaving the Cof E for Communion with the See of Peter.
Those intending to be ordained into the Ordinariated at Pentecost are expected to leave the Anglican Communion by Ash Wednesday, pray for those who are making this move this weekend and pray for those who remain, for many this must be a bitter-sweet time - the joy of coming to a decision mixed with the sorrow of friends parted.


Fr Barry Tomlinson said...

One correction. The priests are leaving the C/E on Palm Sunday, but they have been given compassionate leave with full pay during Lent.

Maurice said...

Not strictly true, Barry, I'm afraid. Their pay may cease on Palm Sunday but from Ash Wednesday they are attending Catholic Masses and fasting (obviously) from Holy Communion. This gesture shows that they are not in communion with either Church since communion effects what it signifies and signifies what it effects. They are, effectively, neither Catholic nor Anglican - a suitable place for them to be as they prepare for a most powerful moment in their lives.

Fr Barry Tomlinson said...

It was the fact that the C/E was generously paying them until palm Sunday - The ones I know are not resigning until palm Sunday even though as you say they will be worshipping at RC churches from Ash Wednesday. Until Palm Sunday they will still be the Incumbents of their parishes, and therefore C/E priests.

Fr Barry Tomlinson said...

Maurice - from the resignation statement of Fr Ed Tomlinson "After consultation with the Bishop of Rochester, and with his blessing, I can now publically announce that it is my intention to resign as vicar of Saint Barnabas in Tunbridge Wells on Palm Sunday and to cease public Anglican ministry from Ash Wednesday"
The Church can only pay a stipend while someone is 'in post', thus these priests have set their resignation a few days before they become Roman Catholic and are being given compassionate paid leave until then.

Jonathan Marshall said...

Barry and Maurice;

Does the question of pay really matter, for heaven's sake?

Peter said...

The Ordinariate portal carries the pastoral letter from Bishop Crispian Hollis. Do read this to the end: "I did have my own misgivings and questions about the development of the Ordinariate but I have now come to see this as a unique moment and I warmly welcome those who are joining us."
Well done Bishop Crispian.

Florence said...

'Does the question of pay really matter, for heaven's sake?'

What world do you live in, Rusticus? Fr Tomlinson is married with two small children. How will he provide for them during the transition from Anglicanism to the Church? It is wonderfully generous of the Church of England to pay his stipend until Palm Sunday but he and his family need it.

Gigi said...

@ Peter: I've been fortunate enough to read all of Bishop Hollis' letter too and his comments are very human as well as spiritual.
I heard him speak at a mass co-celibrated by Father Edwin yesterday - I hope that's his good and proper address now - and he made equally reasoned and reasonable comment on the Ordinariate then.
It's a momentous time, even for bystanders. I agree with Father Ray that in some ways this must be a lonely and challenging time for those who are remaining with the Anglian Church and I pray for them.

Peter said...

Thank you Gigi.
The full text can be found on the website of the Portsmouth diocese.
Let us hope that other bishops also support the Ordinariate.

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