Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ordinariate Statistics

From the Ordinariate Portal:
From a variety of official sources, here are some basic statistics about the Ordinariate:

795 candidates for the Ordinariate were present at Rite of Election services in 2011.
61 former Anglican clergy are hoping to be ordained for the Ordinariate this year.
The area covered by the Diocese of Brentwood has the largest proportion of the Ordinariate (240).
16.8% of those entering the Catholic Church in England & Wales this year are joining the Personal Ordinariate.
Compared to dioceses, the Ordinariate is the second largest source for new Catholics in England & Wales this year.
In the area covered by Plymouth Diocese, the Ordinariate is responsible for 42.9% of new Catholics.
There is an Ordinariate presence in 12 out of the 22 dioceses in England & Wales (c. 54%).


Richard said...

Father, just one clarification, if you would be so kind:

when you refer to "16.8% of those entering the Catholic Church" and "42.9% of new Catholics" in Plymouth, do you mean that is the percentage of adults being received into the Church?

In other words, you're not counting infant baptisms as "new Catholics" are you?

Fr Ray Blake said...

These are Bishop's Conference figures, they refer to adults.

Sally said...

As one of those members of the Ordinariate present in Plymouth Cathedral for the Right of Enrollment, I was pleased to see that our group was not composed solely of elderly people: there were a good number of children, teenagers and young people had decided to leave the CofE and join the Ordinariate.

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