Thursday, March 03, 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti

The more I find out about Shahbaz Bhatti, the murdered Pakistani Minorities Minister, the more impressed I am.

'I only want a place at the feet of Jesus. I want my life, my character, my actions to speak for me and say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ'.

Fr Sean Coyle, the Colomban Missionary working in the Philipines sent me link to a post on his blog.


Michael Petek said...

Here's a question on a moral dilemma which I don't think any Christian has ever had to face before.

I remember that the parish organised a collection for Pakistanis who had been affected by the floods last year.

The general rule is that we must minister to the needs of everyone who comes to us for help. As a welfare benefits adviser I sometimes find myself helping Muslims, and I have no problem doing so.

But what if saving the lives of a large number of Muslims overseas creates a foreseeable risk - engaging our own responsibility - that any of them will one day murder our fellow-Christians - or for that matter non-Christians - as infidels?

JARay said...

He was indeed a wonderful man and I am sure that he has gone to his eternal reward and is yet one more martyr to add to the list of Catholic saints.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Thanks, Father Ray, for the link.

Atlanta Roofing said...

It's way past time that people living under a death threat from Islam took matters into their own hands. After Shabhaz Bhatti realized that informing the powers that be about the threats against his life were going unheeded, he should've got a little squad of armed volunteers together so that any attempt on his life would extract a high price from his cowardly attackers. Expecting Muslims to help you when you are under a death threat issued according to Islam's Sharia laws is utterly futile.

Adulio said...

Michael - you have hit the nail on the head. Why on earth are we giving "aid" to Pakistan, when all it seems to do is prop up a government who seem to be powerless (if not encouraging) againsts these Islamic terrorism? Do not the Christians who are brutalised (not just Pakistan but in certain areas of India too) deserve our help too? Will the Holy Father dare to mention any of these atrocities to the Islamic delegates at Assisi 2011?

And another question: why is our government bending over backwards for Muslims, who have no intention of integrating in this country? Could it be that the Socialist experiment of the last government, was to destroy any vestige of Christianity in England by opening the floodgates towards Islamic immigration into Britain?

The murder of Shahbaz Bhatti will not be in vain but I shall hope it cries out to God for vengeance to those who do evil towards God's defenceless followers.

Appointment calendar said...

this is not good.. getting killed by a man of the same religion and belief.. this is sad for me :(

nickbris said...

Auricularis is at it again.Those remarks do not help at all,sounds like one of the other nutters from the Daily Mail.

There will never be any peace in the World while these attitudes are aired.

Adulio said...

nickbris - I don't read the Daily Mail for the fact that it doesn't seem to objectively report on anything worthwhile. Even the classic broadsheets are lacking in quality these days.

Can you please point out what I have said that is so objectionable from a moral or theological point view? I can tell you that I am not the only Catholic, who is starting to ask theses questions. And to ask them is by no means "racist".

Europe has to wake up soon to the fact that Christendom is being lost at an alarming rate. Europeans are contraception themselves into oblivion, while Muslims are having large families. They are also vocal about securing rights for themselves here too and Catholics are so blind as to see what is happening. We are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Michael Petek said...

The question is one of risk threshold. If I save the life of this Muslim, is there an unacceptable risk that he is on account of his beliefs a dangerous criminal?

Another question is whether it isn't time to blame Muslims for dissenting from religious truth.

nickbris said...

It's the XENOPHOBIA Auric. People come here because we are seen as a safe haven and to do the work that nobody else wants.

My ancestors were Irish Catholics and because of their faith were starved out of their homeland,the work they undertook was worse than slavery and they were housed in conditions not fit for animals.

They survived and flourished because of their Catholic Faith.

Now it seems that Islamics are the bogeymen and they are to be persecuted for their beliefs

Adulio said...

Ah yes - xenophobia: a word used to crush all debate about how much multiculturalism is an utter failure, wherever it is implemented. Keep using the buzz words nickbris.

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