Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pope in the Court of the Gentiles

This is the video link of the Pope speaking to the "Court of Gentiles" at Notre Dame du Paris.
I find this fascinating, though I am not sure I fully understand what this initiative is about, yet. It is obviously very important to the Pope and intimately connected to the New Evangelisation.
It is about dialogue with non-believers obviously. It seems to be about dialogue, simply for the sake of dialogue, forming friendships, listening, responding, being in the public forum but presumably it isn't about the type of dialogue that took place in the 60s/70's between Catholics and Marxist that led to the Church, in some places, being taken over by Marxists.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Blake,

If we listen carefully to what the Holy Father says, it is a dialogue that is not altogether separated from the evangelization of unbelievers. Indeed, the evangelistic (not to say "preaching") thrust of the Pope's message is quite encouraging.

Fr Seán Coyle said...

Thanks for posting this video, which I couldn't locate by googling. I've posted it now on my own blog. I agree with Wheat4 paradise. Pope Benedict respects those who don't believe in Christ but who are searching for what is true and just without 'being nice' to them. He also challenges believers to live their faith in Jesus fully.

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