Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Evangelisation

Gloria TV has this video from the Seville Holy Week procession, the Crucified makes his slow way through the city whilst the Blessed Virgin sets off in search of him - here around the 4 min mark.
It is street evangelism Catholic style.


JARay said...

Many years ago I promised myself that I would go to Seville for Holy Week.
I've never managed it and somehow I don't think that I ever will now!

Anonymous said...

Dear Father Ray,

We have a similar tradition in the Philippines. We call it "Salubong" and it takes place on Black Saturday. Yes, Father. Some of us still call it that although my Mother's generation call it Sabado de Gloria.

In our Filipino tradition the float of Jesus is met by the floats Blessed Mother, St Mary Magdalene and St Peter.

In many homes, we also have the Passion narrative chanted continuously (24/7) during the Holy Week and many go for the daily Visita Iglesia where the devout process to the altar on their knees while saying the rosary.

God bless.


Latest news from my country is that faithful Catholic Filipinos, led by the Bishops and clergy, won their fight against the government's proposed bill on contraception, abortion and sterilisation. Deo Gratias!

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