Monday, March 14, 2011

Institute of Christ the King to the Wirral?

Fr Z seems to have quit a bit of English news lately.
He links to a report that Bishop Mark Davies and the Institute of Christ the King are in negotiations over the landmark Ss Peter and Paul's Church, on the Wirral, in New Brighton which was closed in 2008. The Grade II-listed church, which first opened in 1935, is known as the Dome of Home because it is one of the first things seafarers see when they sail back to Liverpool.

The church is huge and needs repair and the Institute only celebrates the traditional Rite - interesting , eh?


Richard Collins said...

Well God bless Bishop Mark Davies if this turns out to be the case.

IanW said...

A wonderful church, so fingers crossed. The Institute would also provide much needed support for those attached to the traditional form of our Rite. The Institute's loyalty to tradition is admirable, but one can't help wishing that more priests were actively working to promote the best of both forms, either individually as parish priests or collectively through groups such as the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius. We need enagement, not division, in order for clergy and laity to accept the celebration of the old form as something normal and acceptable, and so that we might begin to see the mutual enrichment of the forms that the Holy Father envisions.

JARay said...

From what I read on one of your links it was an appeal to the Vatican which brought this on. According to your link, money was available to restore this church but the bishop cut the Masses down to one per week and then claimed failing support from the congregation. Apparently it was hoped that the church would so deteriorate that it would have to be pulled down and then the diocese could reap the bonanza of land value.
If this is true (and it seems that it would be hard to deny) then it reflects very badly on the local Ordinary.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I think that was the previous Bishop.

Adulio said...

This would certainly be a welcome start. The Institute has great success, where their apostolates are allowed to flourish unhindered by the diocesan bureaucracy. I remember there was a beautiful Baroque chapel in the north of England (Ss Mary and Everilda, Everingham) that would have been perfect for the celebration of the traditional rites but Bishop Crowley (Cardinal Hume's best friend) was intent that the chapel go derelict, than allow the ICKSP to come and salvage it.

misericordia said...

The Institute has an Apostalate in the North-West and they celebrate Mass every Sunday at a Church some three miles from SS. Peter and Paul.They have a flat in Liverpool and say Masses in Preston and Liverpool as well. They are hardworking and devoted.

I am over the moon at the possibility of having a parish that will be devoted to Tradition so close to me, but I can see their might be some problems. The original parishioners of SS. Peter and Paul have fought long and hard to get their church re-opened and might be resentful were it only to offer the Traditional Mass.

As a parish, they no longer exist, having been assimilated into a newly formed parish. called the Holy Apostles and Martys. Their parish church is now English Martyrs in Wallasey.

I am sure the bishop will make some arrangement with the Institute or a diocesan priest to say a Novus ordo Mass on Sunday for the former parishioners but there could be some issues here. For instance,the Institute may not wish the laity to be free to use the sanctuary or to open the Tabernacle.

I hope any problems can be ironed out and that we can have a Traditional parish here in the North-West. It will be marvellous!

JARay said...

Thank you for the clarification Father. I see that Auricularis mentions the beautiful church in Everingham which the former Bishop of Middlesbrough let fall into disuse. I have never seen the church myself but it is featured in that book "A Glimpse of Heaven" by Christopher Martin. I do have that book. It shows some of the finest churches in England.

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