Thursday, September 30, 2010

20 Questions for Marie Stopes

Mac posts a fantastic letter she found on Maria Stops Abortion, it is from a Baptist minister, Mike Gilbart Smith who asks the Maries Stopes 20 very incisive questions. Go over to Mike's site and read it for yourself.


pelerin said...

An excellent letter which I see received a short reply saying that the questions would be answered. This was in May and it is now October.

The general public seem to be under the impression that it is only Catholics who believe that abortion is murder. This letter is from a Baptist minister which shows that all Christians (and Jews) should indeed be against abortion. 'Thou shalt not kill' was one of the commandments given to Moses and forms the basis of Judeo/Christian ethics. It is tragically ignored when it comes to the lives of so many children in the womb today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr, any chance you could do a post on 40 Days for Life, London?

Kind Regards

Independent said...

I can remember attending numerous Life services at which the sermons were given by ministers of all denominations, indeed the best one I heard was by a Methodist Minister. The Congregations were indeed mixed. The only reason Jews were not present was that the meetings were held in various churches. The general public should realise that abortion is of concern to all Christians.

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