Thursday, September 02, 2010

Redemptorist Publications Promote Women's Ordination

Redemptorist Publications has brought pressure on The Bones to remove quotations from Celebrating the Papal Visit Your spiritual companion, one of their publications which contains a very odd piece about a woman's experience of sex education -or lack of it- in a Catholic School and then talks about women's ordination,  the article then gives a link to the Women's Ordination website.

Pope John Paul II taught quite conclusively that there can be no open debate about the ordination of women because the Church does not have authority to ordain women, it is not a power which Christ has given his Church. In fact the Church sees the attempted ordination of women such a threat to the Church's unity that those who take an active part in any such ceremony are cut off from communion with the Church.

I have asked Redemptorist Publications to explain why it is promoting the ordination of women and so far received a reply, why don't you try?
You could even contact Father Joseph P. Dorcey, C.Ss.R., The Secretary General of the Redemptorists and ask: why are the Redemptorists promoting women's ordination and why this publication has been sent to every parish in the country.


Richard Collins said...

Redemptorists bringing pressure on the Bones?
Have they sent him fish wrapped in newspaper? Or a teddy bear's severed head?
Laurence must be in fear of his life!

JARay said...

I have just sent an email to Fr. Dorcey reminding him that the Church has declared that the Church has no power to ordain women. I also reminded him that once upon a time the C.Ss.R were well known for their preaching on the dangers of Hellfire and I remarked that now, it would seem, that the faithful needed to remind that Order of the dangers of Hellfire.
I somehow do not expect a reply but one never knows.

santoeusebio said...

I think the Bones made a mistake in reproducing the whole article. My understanding of copyright law is that you may not reproduce the whole of an article but you are allowed to pick out and reproduce quotes from the article in order to comment on them and such quotes could be substantial if necessary. So I do not think there is anything strange or sinister about the Redemptorists objecting to the reproduction of the whole article. Although I must say that having distributed it to Parishes who then hand it out for free I wonder what damage they could claim if there has been a breach of copyright.

Nicolas Bellord

epsilon said...

The Bones has done a sterling job. Unfortunately he has received the most nasty bile from so-called traditional Catholics for his honesty elsewhere on the blogosphere.

After going through several layers I found this and have posted the following comment there:

To Fr Richard Reid C.Ss.R

Subject: Do I want to correct an error?

Most certainly yes!

On your booklet at

which presents the "English Catholic" version of Catholicism a la Nichols and co - a version I have now abandoned after many years being a very unhappy cafeteria Catholic with all the "freedom" of the contraceptive mentality in my childbearing years.

My message to the producers of the above booklet: Listen to The Pope before you pretend to be Catholic any longer and continue to mislead many more souls astray!

Listen to The Pope on contraception, homosexuality, priests - if you don't agree - leave the Catholic Church!

Patrick Sheridan said...

It's a shame John Paul II didn't also say that the Church doesn't have the authority to alter the Sacred Liturgy beyond recognition...

Pat Phillips said...

Redemptorist Publications has a history of involvement with dissident radical feminist individuals and groups, as touched on in this article:-

Robert said...

Fr, maybe you should bring this up with your Archbishop. Maybe he can sort them out.

Anonymous said...

I expect very liitle from the Redemptorists nowadays and I have not been disappointed.

Physiocrat said...

I am all for female clergy. In Protestant churches. Their presence makes it clear to all that the clergy in those churches are not priests. That must surely be a good thing if it gets rid of all doubt on the matter. If a church's orders are null and void, what can be the objection?

wheat4paradise said...

Thank God for Fr. Michael Mary and the Traditional Redemptorists of Papa Stronsay! Long live the true sons of St. Alphonsus!


Dominic Mary said...

In some ways it would be good to see the CSsR try and take Laurence to Court . . . if only because he could then quite properly seek to attach the Father-General as a party; and I don't think that the Father-General would be all that overjoyed at that !

pelerin said...

I see that Redemptorist Publications have announced a new logo. They describe it as 'modern, friendly and fresh.' The 't' of the word 'Redemptorist' is replaced by a curved limp cross.

I see nothing 'modern, friendly or fresh' in this whatsoever. Just a waffy design. Very sad.

Simeon said...

Have you seen Redemptorist Publications Sunday Plus - Parish Bulletin for 5 September.

Verena Wright, a parish liturgist and music coordinator ! "shares her hopes for the papal visit"
A listening Pope?
She says "remote in the institutional centre, how can Benedict understand us...I hope Benedict may be inspired to leave his throne, take a pew and listen ....

Listen to Verena Wright - a self-styled liturgist. I think not.

Unknown said...

I read this blog post with interest as I am a Redemptorist priest. I have not read the article in question but agree a valid objection is being raised especially for a brochure promoting a papal visit.
I am curious however about the image chosen to represent this blog post. St. Alphonsus Liguori is the founder of the Redemptorists, was canonized by the same Holy Roman Papacy that is being defended in this post and declared a Doctor of the Church. Redemptorist Publications, on the other hand is a publishing house with its own editorial concerns and authority.
Please write Fr. Dorcey or Fr. Michael Brehl or whoever you need to to express your concern but I can assure you St. Alphonsus is not guilty in this matter.

Fr. Jon Hansen, C.Ss.R.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Fr Jon,
I know St Alphonsus would not approve, posting his picture was a type invocation of his help, this painting does give him a slight look of being pained.

Edward P. Walton said...

I can only think that there is some mistake about the Redemptorists position on this topic.

However,in my opinion,the historic Passionist Congregation no longer exists. Maybe this too could be said of the Redemptorists.

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