Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blair writes for Pope's Paper

L'Osservatore Romano features an article by Tony Blair - The Pope and Newman, it seems to present Newman  in Blair's own image, but then what would one expect.


georgem said...

[The article is] Newman in Blair's own image . . . I'd be stunned if it weren't.
Mr. Blair, though he has no awareness of it, is the King of Relative Thinking.
The one consolation is that his addiction to the media limelight is being little fed these days. That is his personal cross to bear. Sad.

df said...

There's great irony in Antony Blair writing on this topic. Tony Blair waited until after he left his high political office to become a Catholic, yet he now tells us (quite correctly) that "Newman ranked spiritual truth above all other values. He was willing to alienate anyone, old friends and future ones, in its pursuit."

More ironic still is his defence of his 'Faith Foundation' in view of Newman's abhorrence of relativism:

"Newman, like Pope Benedict, was fiercely opposed to relativism. But the interfaith work that my Faith Foundation undertakes rests on, and generates, the opposite of relativism.
"I have found that it affirms people in their different faiths"


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