Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rad, Trad and Running

This story caught my fancy, in part because this is the parish one my "e friends" and because it is good demonstration trad Catholic manly devotion.


whitesmokeahoy said...

I'm exhausted-and I've only been watching!

pelerin said...

A fascinating penitential run indeed. I am sure I saw the statue of St Michael wobble meaning it was not nailed down as I would have expected.

Following on your comment this evening I fear that something like this would frighten all the men away here! I can't see the male parishioners doing something similar along Western Road! Perhaps the Californian air makes them all athletic.

Very impressed by the beautiful music which it explains was by the parish choir of that particular church in San Diego.

JARay said...

I was always impressed by the floats which the men of Seville carried, dressed in KKK like garb, through the streets during Holy Week. Do they still carry on this tradition?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Yes still happens throughout Spain.

gemoftheocean said...

Pelerin, actually St. Anne's is my parish too and I was at this same event. The vid I was able to take of the event isn't underscored though. I think Fr. Gordon ran the whole course up and back, and Fr. Gismondi ran a portion of it too.

The teams weren't manned exclusively by the men from only St. Anne's - there was some augmentation. "Friends of parishioners."

The statues, believe me, were FIRMLY anchored from below. Those biers were specially constructed for what Fr. G. hopes will be an annual event. This was the first time the parish did it.

Not long after the event the priests of the parish hosted a nice thank you dinner to all who manned the fiesta booths and help set things up and take down.

They "ordered out" for a really good Chinese spread and served it up for us *personally.*

IF you go to my blog you'll be able to find a number of posts about St. Anne's parish, and the Latin Mass. Not that some people around here give you a link or any thing when they get the sulks.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Not sulking just forgot to check, have done so now, so stop moaning!

Tom said...

At risk of sounding thick, why exactly did they run with the saints, why not something more sedate like most other processions? I think I have seen something like this practiced in Cuzco, Peru and Southern Italy, was this the inspiration?
Not that I'm knocking it, any procession is good in my book and the more, the better!

gemoftheocean said...

Sedate is for pikers and Europeans.

Anyway, Fr. B - I will pass on this link to the Amazing Father G., I think he'll be tickled.

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