Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank you Petar

I just bumped into myself on You Tube. It is one Petar Zrinjski's beautiful videos, a montage of pictures from our parish website which were taken a few years ago, before we restored the sanctuary steps. Petar has added Byrd's 5 part. By the way it is Damian Asby serving. I am very flattered by Petar's gesture.

It might be interesting to compare the pictures Petar used with the video which was made last All Souls day, the music there is the parish choir -  with friends.
The restoration work is going slowly, slowly, sowly we are strippin away gray paint, it is painstaking expensive process. We are going to be able to update the lighting system this year but then our money runs out. So it is over to Divine Providence!

Reminds me, I must order some more unbleached candles.
P.S. Do gently remind your parish priest that black is an option for Requiems in the new rite and All Souls Day is good time to wear it.


me said...

Beautiful. Timeless. I think I mean I glimpsed eternity!!

Antonio said...


I hope one day that you will have mastered the prayers at the foot of the altar, of by heart someday Father!

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