Friday, September 24, 2010

The Papal Vist must have been a success...

...Even TheTablet praises the Pope, at least in the editorial and even in the piece by Bobby Mickens. I am actually a little shocked, if Ms Pepinster continues in this way I might just permit it to be sold at the back of the Church. Well, maybe ...
Bobby Mickens lets us know about the party on the Papal plane and rather interestingly makes this point about about the homily in Westminster Cathedral.
His comments on sex abuse certainly over-shadowed the main point of his homily at Westminster Cathedral. The mainstream media ignored his pre-Vatican II emphasis on the Mass as sacrifice (no mention of meal) and on the Crucifixion (just a passing mention of the Resurrection) as the core of Christian faith.

I know you will call me a wet libera and I find this difficult to say, maybe I won't say it again, but err..., read the Tablet.


Geoff Callister said...

I agree it's pretty amazing stuff from that Protestant magazine, but on the other hand, given that the News of the World, the Sun, and even the BBC's dyed-in-the-wool crusty old liberal David Willey, trumpeted the visit's success, then they'd have looked pretty stupid if they'd have served up the usual neo-Toynbeeite drum-banging porridge. The fact is they have a track record of this strategy: you wait, it'll be all back to business-as-usual in a week or so. Don't be seduced. That said, credit where credit's due: it was credible journalism.

Mike said...

Pre-Vatican II emphasis on the Mass as a sacrifice, eh? Well, how about this from the Constitution on the Scared Liturgy:

“His purpose was also that they might exercise the work of salvation which they were proclaiming, by means of sacrifice and sacraments, around which the entire liturgical life revolves.”

“He is present in the sacrifice of the Mass, not only in the person of His minister, “the same now offering himself on the cross”, but especially under the Eucharistic species.”

“At the Last Supper,…. , our Saviour instituted the Eucharistic Sacrifice Of His Body and Blood. He did this in order to perpetuate the sacrifice of the Cross…..”

I found the word “supper” a few times and the word “banquet” once but I couldn’t find the word “meal”..

Dominic Mary said...

With resepct, Geoff, it isn't credible journalism : because it seeks to ignore the reality, and encourage people to believe that the Holy Father was slanting things the wrong way.
Why won't they just shut down, and stop wasting trees ?

Anonymous said...

For you entertaining that temptation your penance is to pray more devoutly "Lead us not into temptation ...Deliver us from evil".

Paul, Bedfordshire said...

Geoffs comment is interesting.

Much as I admire the Herald, it is a newspaper (albeit a very good one) and therefore this inevitably limits scope for in depth articles of the sort that a decent weekly magazine can produce.

Were the tablet to regularly produce "credible journalism" (from the viewpoint of someone like me, who I would like to think of as a broadly orthodox catholic family man loyal to the magisterium but not always able to carry my cross very well, who likes attending both OF and EF but overall best summed up as a "Faith" catholic (Thats Faith as in Faith Magazine).

Also someone in their forties and with an hour on the train to kill twice a day and growing daily more tired of all the secular daily newspapers.

I suspect theres quite a few like me, and were the Tablet to be [to my view] orthodox it would increase its circulation significantly.

johnf said...

Maybe the Holy Father has converted the Tablet too! What a thought!

But seriously the Tablet also produced a good supplement, distributed free to attendees at the beatification.

So credit where it is due.

Nice to have the Catholics in the UK singing from the same hymn sheet for once

Michael Clifton said...

Yes Ray , co on reading the Tablet. It is not all bad in fact quite the reverse. It gives wider coverage to world Catholic events than any of the other papers, most articles are first class and the review excellent. I cannot understand why most Catholic bloggers loath it and why attack Rob Mickens the Rome correspondent..I think he is the best of the bunch. (Perhaps I am a heretic ?)

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