Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newman: 2nd Miracle

The postulator of the cause for the canonization of John Henry Newman has said that he is already studying the second miracle, which is necessary if the Pope is to declare the cardinal a saint.
The potential miracle took place in Mexico City some months ago. Having discovered the fetus she was carrying was suffering from a severe malformation, a mother prayed to Cardinal Newman for her child to be born without problems. The infant came into the world in perfect health and doctors were unable to explain how this had happened.
As it took place after the official announcement of Cardinal Newman's beatification, the miracle, if confirmed, would be valid for his future canonization.


Ma Tucker said...

Not being too cynical I hope but there are quite a few mothers here in Ireland who had been told their babies were dead in the womb and were offered surgery to remove the "dead" babies. Some of these mothers refused surgery and went on to deliver perfectly healthy babies. Faulty scanners were to blame apparently. The fact that they are still being used for sanning is odd to say the least. In the present climate, one should be very cautious regarding diagnosis concerning children in the womb. Of course the investigation concerning this case will be thorough and could shed some light in this questionable area.

Greg said...

I'm afraid I'd be sceptical of this one too; a more obvious explanation would surely be that the doctors got it wrong the first time. I have a good friend whose parents were advised to get rid of her when she was still in the womb, as the doctors said she'd be born seriously handicapped. She's anything but.

Given the scope for alternative explanations here, I'd be wary of jumping at this one. For all that, though, I'm sure it'll not be too long before the grounds for canonisation are sure.

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