Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tartaglia on Tatchell Documentary

 Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley and president of the Communication Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland has hit out at an hour-long documentary on the Pope presented by controversial gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
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Crux Fidelis said...

It's a pity that these comments probably won't be repeated by the mainstream media. I've a great admiration for Bishop Tartaglia - we in the Diocese of Paisley are blessed to have him as our pastor. Unfortunately for us, I don't think he'll be here too much longer.

Fr Ray, I was also impressed by comments made by your ordinary, Bishop Kieran Conry on Sunday's "Songs of Praise".

nickbris said...

I think we can safely say that they have now used up their ammunition.Depressorama raked over all the lies on BBC and Tatchell was allowed free reign on ITV.

The fight-back begins Thursday,millions will be out to show support for Pope Benedict and when he has gone we can get back to normal.

Opposers of the Church of Christ have not had so much fun since they plundered the Monasteries and introduced pauperism.

pelerin said...

Good for this Bishop. Have any other Bishops commented on this appalling programme? Has our Archbishop commented?

Now that the Bishops have conferences to discuss things together I would have expected a joint statement to have been made by them all regarding the inaccuracies in this programme. Surely this would add gravitas to the complaint? Perhaps they have done 'behind the scenes' but if so this is not sufficient. We need the publicity and leadership from them against such programmes.

One complaint from one Bishop - in Scotland too not England - will probably not get a mention in either the press or the media. I know we must respect the fact that our Bishops are indeed the successors of the Disciples but it is becoming more and more difficult given that they do not seem to wish to present a united view when it comes to protesting about misleading media comments on our cherished Faith.

Anonymous said...

Papal Programming:

Visit www.catholicgossip.blogspot.com for details of this week's viewings.

Crux Fidelis said...

That fact that these remarks have come from a Scottish bishop will make it even less likely that they will be reported. The London-centric media are notorious for ignoring the Celtic fringe.

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