Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stephen Fry Babbles Incoherently

 Maybe it is cruel to link to this interview but Fr William left this comment:
If you enjoy a good laugh, I do recommend Fry's BBC interview. Quite hilariously incoherent: apparently the Vatican isn't a real state because it doesn't have an Olympic team, and because its existence is due to an "accident of history" (as opposed to what, Stephen? Name me one non-island state which didn't come about as a result of chance historical circumstance.) Best of all are the bits where he just gives up trying to string an argument together and falls back on repeating "it isn't, it just plain isn't" or "I mean it's not right". Wonderful!
Time has not been kind. Poor old Stephen does look a bit moth eaten to say the least.


gemoftheocean said...

"Time has not been kind. Poor old Stephen does look a bit moth eaten to say the least."

Rode hard and put away wet, for sure. Fruit well past its sell by date.

videomaker said...

That is quite funny. I imagine his sad horde of Twitter fans will nevertheless cite it as yet more proof of the Divine Stephen's intellectual acumen.

Anagnostis said...

Stephen Fry - "the thick man's intellectual".

SPQRatae said...

I feel bad for people like Stephen Fry (and there are many of them today). They are so locked up in their invincible intellectual prison, pretending they know the truth, the way and the light, and yet they are so obviously sad under their mask.
Is it any surprise that so many take drugs, are alcoholics, commit suicide or (as in Fry's case) have nervous breakdowns and run away to Bruges?
We should pray for them, not get involved in shouting matches with them.

Tim said...

I don't like to draw blood in publc but seriously guys, there is no need to comment on the man's looks which, after all, have been given to him by God.

Here is a hint... Matthew 12:36.

You are just as bad as them. Shame on you.


Tim said...

I am not one to draw blood in public buy you who put down the guy for his looks, which have been given to him by God, ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are just as bad as the people you complain about.

Here is a hint... Matthew 12:36.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Tim H.
I am not remarking on the looks that God has given him, but rather how he presents himself in public.
Putting a comb through his hair might be a start, it used to be considered good manners.
Though as you wish to raise the matter more precisely, he does look somewhat bloated, it could be illness or lifestyle?

Michael Petek said...

Illness? Lifestyle?

I am reminded of one of his lines (addressing Lieutenant Darling and referring to Rowan Atkinson,s Captain Blackadder) as General Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth:

"Mad! The hero of Umboto Gorge, mad! Nonsense, Darling! You've only got to look at him to see he's as sane as I am. Baaaah!"

Dilly said...

"The idea that the Catholic church exists to disseminate the word of the Lord is nonsense. It is the only owner of the truth for the billions that it likes to boast about. Because those billions are uneducated and poor, as again it likes to boast about."

If Mr Fry can describe me as " uneducated " then I am perfectly entitled to describe him as a mouthy, supercilious old Shirley. (With reference to his hairdo being like that of a former politician who wreaked havoc on the Catholic education system). In fact I could describe the original Shirley as a few things too - but I'll settle for plastic catlick, as I am an uneducated (but not careless) law graduate.

Tancred said...

I'm curious about this, I really am. Are people like Stephen Fry rolled out to comment on religious subjects because they're so irreverent, witty and frolicsome? I'd say it'd have to have something to do with their celebrity status more than any actual knowledge, because I think Frey knows even less about religion than Hitchens.

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