Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beginning of the end of fatherhood?

Single women having IVF will be able to name anyone they like as their baby's father on the birth certificate.
New regulations mean that a mother could nominate another woman to be her child's 'father'.
The 'father' does not need to be genetically related to the baby, nor be in any sort of romantic relationship with the mother.

Critics said a woman could list her best friend on the birth certificate. The word 'father' may even be replaced with the phrase 'second parent'.


George said...

The Truth is being peddled as lies and lies are being substituted for Truth!

Sanity and common-sense are being stood on their heads!

With all this human cloning and tinkering I just call to mind the words of teh founder of Human Life International Fr. Paul Marx - 'God always forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature NEVER forgives'.

We will reap a whirlwind from all this abuse at some point in time, for sure!

The only bastion of sanity left on this planet is the Barque of Peter. Prayer efforts everywhere must be re-doubled. 'Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in this hour of battle.........'

nickbris said...

Proof indeed that we are heading for degeneracy.

All being brought about by a very powerful pressure group.

When the DEPRESSION sets in with a will these fanciful groups will be sidelined and we can get back to basics,times are going to be hard.

These silly ideas will be a luxury that will definitely be off the menu.

georgem said...

This is another underscoring of babies as commodities; those who don't fit in with your lifestyle and who are destroyed/used for experimentation and those who are the must-have for same-sex couples to demonstrate their normality.
We've come a long way in a short time from the gay plea that all they wanted was to be treated kindly and without persecution to an aggressive litany of "rights".
The children of these couples are going to face a difficult time among their peers.
No matter how many gay culture lessons are enforced in schools, and I believe there are 60 primary schools currently involved in a government-funded pilot programme, children have a knack of seeing through false ideology and the culture of the playground is rather more severe in its judgements.
The "parents" may, in the future, have to come to terms with the heartbreak of resentment and even rejection and there will be increasing numbers of children searching for their natural father (or mother). Are they not to have the same rights as adopted children?
Government laws and edicts can never make right what is wrong and in the long term it simply won't work.

pelerin said...

This kind of news seems to turn the notion of human rights upside down.

Do we all not have a right to know who we are? The popularity of genealogy demonstrates the human need to know 'where we came from'. And as georgem says adopted children now have this right when they get to a certain age I believe. I imagine the law was changed when it was realised how many adopted children
suffered in later life through not knowing their real origins. I understand that often the curiosity started when they themselves became parents and started to see the continuity of life.

It is as if we are now living in a science fiction world of horror which is escalating at a truly alarming pace. When will the powers that be wake up to this?

gemoftheocean said...

I was waiting for an English blogger to post this story that came out a few days ago.

It's shocking how the family is being slaughtered on the altar of political correctness.

I wouldn't put it past some miscreant IVF "mother" to name the pope as the "father."

If anything goes to create bad feeling against the gay people who aren't like this - it will be things like this.

People should have a right to know who their own fathers are. What about people's right not to be used as a playtoy?

Elizabeth said...

Does that mean you can name a celebrity as the father and then sue him for maintenance of the child. All seems crazy to me. Also women who are selfish enough to have a child as a commodity will not want to name anyone as a second parent as that means there could at some point be battles for custody.

Does that also mean that men will be surplus to requirement?. What a horrible world we are creating for our children.

Jesus mercy, Mary help.

Moretben said...

Abba Anthony [St Anthony the Great] said, 'A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, "You are mad, you are not like us".

George said...

Pelerin writes 'When will the powers that be wake up to this'?

Unfortunately Pelerin it is these very same 'Powers that Be' who are enshrining all this depravity and dysfunctional behaviour in law! There is no security any longer for that fundamental human unit upon which society is built that we all understand, know and love as 'Family'. Worldwide the various States, Establishments, Governments and Powers that Be are redefining the whole notion of Family to fit in with some twisted, degenerate same sex or multisex or even no sex model which far from being generated and sustained with love and the natural order, will be generated by artificial means and sustained by the 'Powers that Be' WITH HARD EARNED TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!! The Brave New World is being ushered in by the devil himself.

pelerin said...

Exactly George - that is what I meant. That is what is so frightening. The powers that be seem to have lost all sense of reason.