Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fit and Healthy

Pregnancy "advice" services, both those in favour of abortion and those against, will be permitted to advertise, under a review by the Advertising Standards Authority, and here is the absolutely best news, condoms are going to be advertised around the clock.
Can't you just imagine how much more sexually healthy we are all going to be?
It is so obvious that these measures will encourage sexual athleticism, which again must be good news.
We have seen how successful condoms have been in controlling HIV in Africa, everyone knows it is much more efficient to give a boxful of condoms rather than educating people about abstinence and fidelity in marriage.
I can just imagine mums sending their children to school checking to make sure they have their gym kit, their homework and at least a couple of condoms in their pockets. We all know that that is going to result much less absenteeism at school it is going to stop so many mums ringing up to say their little one won't be coming to school this morning as they are going to be visiting the STD clinic. Yes, of course sexually transmitted diseases are going to be a thing of the past, isn't this great news? And for those boys who want to have sex with that timid girl who is always making excuses for not having sex, he can assure her by saying, "Look, I've a choice of condoms, choose, there is no problem".
As for "pregnancy advice services" being able to advertise that is really brilliant, it is going to mean every child that is born can be certain it is a wanted child. You can imagine slogans like "a child is not just for Christmas". Perhaps the abortion industry could save our economy ...................grr!
For the lady from Arkansas, I am being ironic.


Delia said...

re Lady from Arkansas - I was always brought up to believe that our American friends 'don't do irony'. No offence meant, but true or false?

George said...

That's really great news, isn't it! Condoms are obviously the universal panacaea to all ills!! It's just that the Catholic Church is suppressing this important life saving and health giving information - BOOOOOO!!!

Let's take all this a bit further, not just sexually fit and healthy but just plain overall healthy. If I have condoms will I then develop muscles like the athlete in your picture?

I guess I must just be thick, and should have listened more to Radio 1 as I believe they were advising everyone quite a way back now 'to be safe, remain healthy and wear condoms'. Now I get it, perhaps had I been wearing condoms Fr Ray, I wouldn't have suffered the stroke I had last year!!!

Do you think it might prevent the common cold if people wear them on their noses? 'A condom a day keeps the doctor away - la la lalala'... they'll be singing that one in nursery schools soon.

It all makes perfect sense now - but only if you are a complete LUNATIC!

Anonymous said...

What is the President doing gymnastics?

Anonymous said...

Well speaking as a married woman with 10 children...all I can say is who wants to go to bed with a condom? YUK!

Physiocrat said...

They will be extending stop-and-search soon, and it will be a crime if you haven't got at least three on you at all times.

It's Brave New World coming true.

The Bones said...

Infanticide UK, probably the best providers of abortion in the World...

I can just imagine contraception companies slipping an advert in between Barbie ads and ads for the new Disney production...

"This is Jack and this is Susie. What are you doing kids?"

"We're going to have sex even though we're only 10?"

"Oh wonderful, sex is marvellous, get on down to it kids, but remember to use this condom. It's colourful and comes in 10 different flavours."

(Children are showered in colourful condoms)

"Oh, thank you! Come on Susie, lets 'get down to it' all the time now and know we'll be kept safe by the wonderful condom!"

"So remember kids, be like Jack and Susie and WEAR A CONDOM!"

gemoftheocean said...

Delia, false. Except people from Arkansas.

Father:I think there is a special place in hell for people who push early sexualization of children. It's the deadliest of sins the average person would be tempted to commit.

Bernadette said...

Things are unravelling at some speed, aren't they ? Note how offically bad=good and vice versa. This is all to make us more "healthy", yet the STI rates for under 16s were offically "out of control" according to a NICE report since 2006. So, now the national strategy is to inflict yet more "healthiness" on our young people, this time with a little help from the TV.

I've never been one of those "chuck the TV out" people. But this has swung it for me. Ours is currently on the blink. I pray that it dies completely and I shall fight for it not to be replaced. These adverts will assault family life in a big way.

There is a great newspaper cartoon waiting to be drawn here for anyone talented enough.

The Bones said...


No, it will go further than that. Babies will be fitted with a permanent condom just after birth...if they're lucky enough to have escaped abortion.

Elizabeth said...

What babies with condoms and abortion leaflets fitted into every orifice they can find, babies will be a thing of the past. Next it will be forced sterilisation or euthanasia.
The only babies allowed will come from test tubes or found in a wicker basket.

Brave New World???

George said...

I can tell you Bernadette from personal experience that it's not that difficult to stop watching the 'Goggle-box'. My wife and I gave up on the TV last November and do you know how much extra time that has released for conversation and other things, not that we watched that much anyway, but....

I can honestly say that I don't miss it one iota. Can any of you remember what you watched last night or last week. How much of an impact did TV programmes make on my life? - Absolutely ZILTCH!!!!!!

Ditch the goggle-box!!!! It's bad for your health (unless you have a condom or two handy of course!)

Anonymous said...

Don't like to say it, but the silence is deafening from our Bishops once again. A cast iron opportunity to preach the gospel and correct all the nonsense coming from the anti-life brigade and they go missing as usual. It would be perfect timing to stir the debate on contraception, abortion etc and put a few people on the back foot for a change but it's no doubt too hot to handle for them. "Preach the gospel boldly" (not). They really are such cowardly cowardly custards.

George said...

Maybe all this frenzied activity on promoting condoms and abortions is down to this:

"Jonathon Porritt told the London Times this week that he will tell the annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), to be held at the Royal Statistical Society, that in order to reduce "pressure" on the world's ecosystems, Britain must halve its population to 30 million inhabitants.

"Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact."

As a longstanding member of the Green party, and a patron of the Optimum Population Trust, Porritt has become one of the most public faces in the radical environmentalist movement. The son of Lord Porritt, he is one of Britain's leading advisors to Parliament as well as an advisor to the Prince of Wales".

Thanks to LifeSite news for this.

Why doesn't this complete Muppet do the honourable thing then and start the ball rolling by falling on his own sword, hopefully followed in rapid succession by baroness Warnock! Who does he think he represents??? The guy is a fruitcake completely off his rocker, but dangerously so and with HRH the right royal 'Charlie' in tow heaven only knows what these two in cahoots with each other could come up with. Methinks that they've been out in the fields for too long and have contracted something from a herd of 'Mad Cows'.

PS - what kind of 'anorak' belongs to the Royal Statistical Society. Can you imagine the after dinner speeches and lively debate at their annual 'Buffet Dinner & Dance'. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.....

nickbris said...

It was only a matter of time.Advertising revenue is a bit scarce at the moment.They will do anything to make money.Blue Movies,Snuff Movies,anything to titillate the Couch Potatoes,so long as they are filling their boots what does it matter.

The educationalists are incapable of teaching moral behaviour so it has to be put on the Goggle Box.

Next it will be Euthanasia for the good of society or genetic engineering to eradicate the feeble minded.

It is not a secular State we are heading for but something that could only be dreamt up by another Hitler laying in a prison cell plotting the future of the World

Simon Platt said...

Dear George,

That was an outrageous slur. I insist you take it back. Some of my best friends are Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society (I'm not one myself, you understand).

Simon Platt said...

Furthermore, it is extremely rare for the RSS annual dinner and dance to take the form of a buffet! According to my records, more than 99% of all such events have had a proper sit-down meal.

The Bones said...

'Optimum Population Trust'

Sounds totally horrendous and an excuse for a good old Stalinesque purge.

nickbris said...

I cancelled the TV Licence last month,can't be bothered with the crapulous garbage repeated over & over again.

Bernadette said...

George, if it weren't for "The Apprentice" (I absolutely love it and wish I could be on it. I'd win, hands down.) and the occasional Doco, I'm almost there.

My husband is also a big sports fanatic. It could be an issue of marital division. But, you know, I'm prepared to risk it. He knows he married a Catholic. He made those vows in front of Jesus whether he likes it or not. I remind him of it, regularly. So do my fully Catholic Orthodox children.

You're right. The TV goes. Thanks.

Physiocrat said...

I got rid of mine ages ago when the set went bang one morning as the only thing worth watching was the weather forecast.

It freed up an entire corner of the room which was cluttered up with a rat's nest of wire and has saved hundreds of £ in licence fee over the years.

Anonymous said...

Abortions England and Wales 1991
Age 14-15 582.4
Age 16-19 1,370.4

Abortions England and Wales 2001
Age 14-15 3,658
Age 16-19 32,431

If one of the reasons in making condoms more freely available is to prevent abortions are we to assume from the above figures that condoms were less freely available in 2001 than they were in 1991?

Anonymous said...

Rates of diagnoses of uncomplicated genital Chlamydia infection in females made in GUM clinics by age group for the United Kingdom.

1991 Females less than 16 years 311 per 100,000 of population 32.2

Females 16-19 years 5,197 per 100,000 of population 35.0

2001 Females less than 16 years 956 per 100,100 of population 94.1

2001 Females 16-19 years 13,405 per 100,1000 of population 1,035

Rates of diagnoses of uncomplicated gonorrhoea in females made in GUM clinics by age group for the United Kingdom

1991 Females less than 16 years 138 per 100,000 of population 14.3
Females 16-19 years 1,982 per 100, 000 of population 133.5

2001 Females less than 16 years 276 per 100,000 of population 27.2
Females 16-19 years 2,564 per 100,000 of population 198.0

I did not include the figures for males in 2001 because there were no figures for males in 1991

If one of the reasons in making condoms more freely available is to reduce Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs or STIs) are we to assume from the above figures that condoms were less freely available in 2001 than they were in 1991?

Anonymous said...

Boys want sex. Girls want sex. Teen hormones are raging, encouraged by Mother Nature who prefers young, fertile parents and hasn’t caught up yet with the fact of increased longevity in the developed world.
However, even in the “women’s lib” 21st century, girls who have sex are regarded by boys who want sex as slags. If you don’t want to be regarded as a slag you don’t stock a handbagful of contraceptives of any kind. Because if you do, it means you are ready for sex any time and with anyone, therefore you are a slag. Next stop the abortion clinic.
Where's the campaign telling girls that to be truly empowered is to be able to say “no”? Where's the campaign telling boys that it is the opposite of manly to be sexually incontinent? The real problem is not so much the children who are guilty of sexual indiscipline, but of adults who tolerate or encourage it; adults with adult minds, expecting children to have the reasoning ability of 25-year-olds. You can usually tell which ones they are as they insist on calling children “kids”.
But here’s the Humpty Dumpty world. Millions of £££s are being spent on ads telling people not to smoke because it “harms your baby“. Now more millions are to be spent telling people how to get rid of their babies. It would be more cost-effective simply to hand out free packets of fags to girls and women who didn’t want their babies.
Top of the news agenda for several days has been the widespread horror expressed that the UK secret services might have been involved in torture. But there has been a deafening silence on the horror of viable babies being torn limb from limb during the abortion process.

George said...

Dear Simon Platt - I am apologising unreservedly for having caused any offence whatsoever with my comment about anoraks and the Royal Statistical Society. Before posting the comment I had run my computer analysis and the data showed clearly that 97.873562% of people would not be offended. Hedging my bets that the other 2.1(something or other)% would not be Fr Ray's blog readers I pressed the 'publish your comment' button. Statistics Duh!!! just goes to show how wrong they can be !!! ;-)

Simon Platt said...

Dear George,

Did you know that 78.1% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

But the ones Sharon has provided above have the ring of truth.

George said...

Sharon - your stats just go to prove that the government is the biggest horses ass bunch of buffoons on this planet!!!! I suggest they go join the Royal Statistical Society so as they can go learn some basis 'rithmetic. What do these stats actually say???


As simple as 1,2 & 3! Unless you are a politician of course.

We are selling our youngsters down the swanny and this horrendous bunch of morally bankrupt imbecilliums in Parliament are greasing the path even more.

The millions spent on all this useless and failed sexual propaganda for over 40 years has merely ended up in IPPF's and Marie Stopes' already overflowing coffers. Blood money - extracted from crushed and dismembered tiny human bodies, the victims of the abortionists steel tools! SHAME for all eternity!!!!!!!

When will this madness end? When will these people read the signs of the times instead of worshipping the mantras of the anti-life social engineers.

Physiocrat said...

You will not get an iota of sense from the government on any area of public policy at all - finance, economics, trade and employment, agriculture, housing, health, transport, energy. All junk. If you write to your MP you will invariably receive answers that are an insult to your intelligence, no matter what subject you are writing about.

Of course they cannot understand statistics. They are innumerate. Whitehall is staffed with idiots with a high IQ. Look at their IT projects. And mind your purse, they will have that too.