Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lombardi on Pope,s Letter



Jane said...

Dear Fr.,

Father Lombardi said a great deal more than this and of equal if not greater importance. (Full transcript on Vatican Radio site)Who is running Vatican YouTube? This selective soundbyte will do nothing to help the Pope reach people or to make his message clearer. What is the agenda here?

The other thing that galls me is the flip use of the word 'traditionalists' as if there is no one in the Church who understands the difference between that and the term 'traditional'; as if all traditionalists/traditionals are to be found in the SSPx. It's just an eccentricity the Holy Father has to deal with. That is not what he said and not what he meant.

The same mangling and selective interpretation has been done by the statement on the E & W Bishops Conference website.

There would seem to be a conspiracy within the Church herself to make sure that the Pope is not fully and properly heard or read. Is it any wonder that an already ignorant and widely ill-disposed UK Media represent things in the way they do when fed distortion from the representatives of the Church.

I weep and I pray for the our most Holy Father and for the Church and yet I still have faith that he and he will prevail. Our prayers are needed now more than ever.

Canon Jerome Lloyd OSJV said...

Jane - I took the time to read your post and agree with much of it... My only note would be to change "...he and He will prevail..." (capitalisation for the Trinity)!

Anonymous said...

Jane, I am sure we all read your excellent post. It was such a good summary that I certainly didn't think I could add to it.
I have now read the transcript of Fr. Lombardi's press conference.
My reaction is that, with the best of intentions, Fr. Lombardi's attempt at elucidation has had the opposite effect. It is so convoluted and so full of Vatican bureaucratic-speak that journalists would simply switch off.
A number of bullet-points would have sufficed.
The You Tube segment was simply meaningless.
Time to bring in a professional communications man. Fr. Lombardi could keep his title, but the practical work should be done by someone au fait with the media.
I do believe there is an unholy alliance against the Pope and a ruthless determination in some quarters to stifle him.
(I've analysed the E&W bishops conference statement and will post it, but Father may choose not to use it.)
It is left to us, the laity, to be the voice of the Church Militant and to stand in line with the Pope.

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