Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today:an announcement

Radio 4's "Today Programme" said the Holy Father would announce the next Archbishop of Westminster this week, possibly today.
If the priest is a saint (the saying goes), the people will be fervent; if the priest is fervent, the people will be pious; if the priest is pious, the people will at least be decent. But if the priest is only decent, the people will be godless. The spiritual generation is always one degree less intense in its life than those who beget it in Christ.


Gregory of Langres said...


40 seconds in - why else would he know the name?

John said...

Nothing on today's Bollettino - so no announcemenet today.

georgem said...

An announcement of a major appointment during Lent? Somehow this doesn't seem to square with the Pope's style.
I'd have plumped for Eastertide.
Tomorrow I'll know I'm wrong!

dillydaydream said...

I saw in times online that Abp Conti was resigning early - could this be the reason for Bp Tartaglia being mentioned by B16 and GB. Back to the rumour mill.

dillydaydream said...

Sorry - not times online - Glasgow Herald