Friday, March 20, 2009

Benedict in Cameroon a tale of two trips

John Allen is in press corps following the Pope read his take on the visit.

I have a vague feeling some Baka tribesmen have been taking me too seriously, they gave the Pope a turtle, here being cared for by Fr Lombardi, but it is good to have you reading the blog, guys.


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture - the Pope looks really amused by the dancers.

Caption: I hope nobody's smoking around here - it could be dangerous!

Anonymous said...

I hope this turtle avoids swimming, or walking, into a condom. Chelonians are rather pleasant things.

What I wonder will the pope do with it? Does the Vatican have a zoo?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... turtle soup anyone.

I appreciate one ought to have respect for other cultural practises but I have to admit, the grass outfit looks quite ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Now there is an idea for n element of restoration, a Vatican 'managerie' again!

Pope Leo X in the 16th-century, received his prized possession, his pet white elephant called Hanno, from the King of Portugal in 1514 I think. He also owned a cheetah trained like a hunting dog. I believe Raphael painted a portrait of the elephant if I am not mistaken.

Perhaps the Pontifical farm at Castle Gandolfo might be a better home now days.

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