Thursday, March 05, 2009

Folly of Contemporary Atheism

Father Baron talks about the foolishnes of contemporary atheism.

He says the slogan, "God probably doesn't exist, so stop worrying and enjoy life" is nonsense because the absence of belief in God doesn't cause us to stop worrying or desiring something beyond us and the absence of these concerns doesn't result us enjoying life. He says on the contrary our desire for God is a craving for what is beyond us, which only God can satisfy.

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Jane said...

Excellent! Thanks Father and to source.

nickbris said...

Yes Father that was very good,trouble is it is IMPOSSIBLE to have an intelligent conversation with a "new age atheist",bit like vegetarian trick cyclists.

Physiocrat said...


Delia said...


I thought this was quite an interesting little piece in the Grauniad: 'Tree-Surgery for Atheists:

Elizabeth said...

I would love to know how an atheist would explain the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano?
We need to pray for these people, to counteract the power that the devil has over them.