Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Franciscan of the Immaculate prefer the Old Rite

The Franciscans of the Immaculate, are one of those thriving new religious communities , in Rome they seem to be everywhere. There are a couple of small communities in this country. Their charism seems to be essentially about contemplation and preaching
They have announced their predilection for the Usus Antiquor. Here is an excerpt from La Stampa on NLM:

The Franciscans of the Immaculate avail themselves, with joy and grateful appreciation, of the initiative taken by Pope Benedict XVI with the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. [...] The choice to predilect the "extraordinary form" corresponds to a legitimate internal choice of the religious family, as foreseen in the same motu proprio, in a Catholic spirit of fidelity to the Pope and to the liturgical tradition of the Order founded by St. Francis of Assisi. [...] The spirit of St. Francis, in fact, tends to the greatest possible glorification of God through the good and beautiful things of the world and has always led us to seek what most helps to elevate the mind and heart to the "Most High, Almighty and Good Lord" to whom alone are due "praises, glory, honor and all blessing"(Canticle of the Sun). The extraordinary form of the liturgy of the Vetus Ordo - which is accompanied by that of the Novus Ordo (Missal of Paul VI) - offers, indeed, the happy possibility to live more intensely the vocation and mission of St. Francis of Assisi, within the universality of the Church and its wealth of expression.
Rorate Caeli carries the interesting story of their young Sisters in Cornwall, and the implementation of this preference there. This story originally appeared in the LMS Magazine.
The last I heard the Friars are looking for a Church and a house within reach of London, any suggestions?


The Bones said...


Adulio said...

Your link to Rorate is a bit off. Do you mean this?

This is a welcome news from the usual stories of religious orders going to pot and deviating from their founders.

Brian said...

Ad multos annos

Fr Ray Blake said...

Corrected, Ottaviani.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

I attended Mass there in late January. During the week they commence at 07.30 and 10.00 on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation. The Masses are missa cantata everyday: surely a rarity in Britain?

The monastery has a relic of Saint Cuthbert Mayne, the proto-martyr of seminarians, which venerated on Sunday after Mass.

The Monastery is in St Mawgan, close to Newquay, and close to the presently Anglican 13th century church.

In Christo,
Anthony Bidgood

David said...

Oh, let them come to Scotland - please!

Anonymous said...

What a pity the Bishop's residence at Storrington has been sold off. That would have been ideal. But under the diocesan plan, aren't there a number of conjoined parishes, which means there must be a church and presbytery going spare somewhere in the diocese.
It's fabulous that the order is establishing in Cornwall, given the west country's record of attempting to keep the faith during the Reformation.
It might be a bit stickier to find a place in A&B, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is just a dream!
There is a new church to be built in my parish.Fine you might say,but what about the old one?
Loaned by the Sisters of Charity to the parish for many many years it is now considered not fit for purpose.It cannot be demolished,it is a listed building,so will be sold,and probably turned into flats.It is a most beautiful church,and still has a high Altar.There are several buildings attached to it which were used for socials and the like.No doubt it is in need of refurbishment,and as this is a very large parish ,I can understand that it is no longer large enough to house everybody.
That being said,how wonderful if it could continue to be used as the House of God,and the Latin Mass
be celebrated as in days gone by.
I told you this was only a dream!