Friday, March 27, 2009

Lancaster Appalled

26 March 2009
Statement from Rt Rev Patrick O’Donoghue, Bishop of Lancaster

“It has been widely reported in the media that the Advertising Standards Authority is
considering allowing the abortion industry to advertise through the broadcasting
media. This deeply damaging proposal originates from the Independent Advisory
Group on Sexual Health & HIV and therefore comes from the heart of the abortion
industry – threatening yet another hammer-blow to the sanctity of human life in this
I am appalled that this proposal will result in the deaths of many more preborn
children and cause untold harm to women. As a society, we need to wake up and
stop treating abortion as a quick-fix solution to pregnancy and offer compassionate
and practical support to women facing crisis pregnancies. The Cardinal Winning
Pro-Life Initiative in Scotland is a shining example of the Church and others
reaching out to pregnant women who find themselves isolated and frightened,
offering emotional support and practical help such as liaising with families and
providing financial assistance to women in need.
The killing of the innocent can never be a genuine solution to a problem. I urge all
those who care about the sanctity of human life to voice their opposition to this
proposal with one voice. At the same time, please consider lending your support to
our pro-life organizations that care about mothers and their preborn children. “


Kate said...

Yet again, Bravo Bishop O'Donoghue !
Is his name on the Terna yet ?

georgem said...

Yes, bravo. Where are the rest of them?

ANNE said...

Is there not some way we could start an online petition, like the one re Obama and Notre Dame?
I'm afraid I my computer skill are pretty basic and have no idea how to do it.

mafeking said...

Great, but can we please have some more and can one of them go on television and put the Catholic case. It's noticeable it's Bishop O'Donoghue who steps up to the plate once again - where's Cormac?.

George said...

This country and it's leadership is most definitely morally bankrupt! They are adrift on a sea of relativism without a compass and even if they had one, not an iota of an idea of how to use it.

So TV adverts promoting abortions and more distribution of condoms are now the 'New Answer' to soaring teenage pregnancy rates in the UK!! Do we laugh or cry???

This line of logic is simply unbelievable, in fact it is satanic!

I hope that good Legal Firms will see and seize the opportunity and advertise their capabilities to sue abortionists individually and collectively when these teenagers suffer psychological breakdown after their abortions.

The only way to stop these B*******s is to hit them hard in the pocket. When they realise that they might be sued for £millions, they will not be so bold and as the cowards they are (who else would CHOOSE to work in an abortuary), they will run for the hills.

Abortionists have been succesfully sued for $zillions in the USA.

All of should write to the ASA and complain the more the better. Then, when that doesn't work (the ASA are useless!) a ceremonial 'TV licence burning' outside the Houses of Parliament!

Holy Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadaloupe pray for us.

Dominic said...

Anne is right. This really is one for a major petition. Can someone please organise. I also just don't know how.

George said...

Lord have mercy on her soul.

Just following up on my earlier comment with this horrific story...

LEEDS, March 27, 2009 ( - A UK coroner has criticised abortionists at one of the U.K.'s largest abortion providers after a fifteen year-old girl died from complications following an abortion. Roger Whittaker, the coroner for West Yorkshire, has charged that staffers at a Marie Stopes International abortion facility in Leeds were negligent in having failed to provide antibiotics to Alesha Thomas and that the facility could face prosecution.

Thomas died on July 11, 2007 from a heart attack after contracting toxic shock syndrome, a bacterial infection. She had been fifteen weeks pregnant at the time of the abortion. An inquest heard how the gynaecologist who performed the abortion, Dr. Peter Paku, had made out a prescription for antibiotics, but that the girl left before she received them. Dr. Paku admitted that it is not uncommon for patients to leave the facility without their medication. Alesha was discharged 45 minutes after having the abortion.

The inquest was told that Marie Stopes had no system in place to ensure that nurses would re-check a patient's notes after discharge to make sure all instructions, including prescriptions, had been followed.

There's more on LifeSite News. So not only was the life of the unborn baby destroyed, but also that of the young mother to be.

Now what will British TV do in light of this - anything?? Will they reconsider their ideas to go ahead with full blown Abortion Provider Advertising? Will they now perhaps think twice about this murderous industry and what it is they do? Shouldn't the adverts carry graphic pictures of just exactly what it is they do? After all surely the likes of Marie Stopes would like their neat clean surgical limb ripping and baby skull crushing latest technology shown to their prospective clients on their 50" plasma TV's to show that they are better at it than the competition!

I feel very angry that this is happening in the UK. And I feel so very sad that this incident has happened to young Alesha Thomas. I have four daughters three of them teenagers and I simply cannot imagine how I would feel in this situation. May our Blessed Lady comfort the Thomas family.

torchofthefaith said...

Dear Father Ray

Thanks for posting on this.

What a disgrace and dreadful threat to life!

And yet it is great that Bishop O'Donoghue has stood up once again. Over recent months it has been a real inspiration and encouragement that ONE of our bishops is at least upholding the truth!

We like him so much that we hosted a day of reflection on Fit for Mission? Church yesterday at St. Joseph's in Denbigh. There was a good turn out and an encouraging response.

It shows what can happen when a bishop teaches the Faith... it goes out beyond their own locality and finds fertile soil wider afield. Hopefully such grass roots groups can continue to grow and spread.

God bless you for all you continue to do to keep us all going!!!

In Christ
Alan and Angeline

nickbris said...

Just Google Petitions and you can start one or join one that already exists