Friday, April 03, 2009

Changing Style

I thought I might have been a little near the knuckle by describing the Archbishop of Birmingham as being like Peter Mandleson, well read Ruth Gledhill, here and Andrew Brown here. Certainly seems like a different style, doesn't it?


I.P. said...

It is bad enough having to put up with the reported foul language of former Deputy PMs, Cabinet Ministers, Downing Street Press Officers, BBC "comedians", etc. but must this usage spread to people purporting to speak for bishops and religious bodies? One would hope that the new Archbishop of Westminster will be resolutely opposed to the coarsening of public life which has taken place since 1997.

Ma Tucker said...

Well, a promising start. I'd love our Bishops and Cardinals to be Saints but if they fall short on that score I think the very least they could do is kick some backsides in the public square... so long as they get the targets right of course!

Prayers for the new Archbishop. I hope God will fortify him.

georgem said...

Sounds more like the Blair/Campbell duo to me. Too many press officers have modelled themselves on the latter. It's called bullying.
I.P is absoultely right. The bishops may be in the world but they do not have to be of the world and that goes for their spokespeople. Ranting gives the media a chance to get its own back by twisting the message.
There's already been gleeful reporting of a spat following the press conference.
Let's hope the new Archbishop is wise enough to place people where they may best serve the interests of the Catholic Church. His first series of appointments will be crucial - and significant.

David Lindsay said...

In that clip of Arcbishop Vincent Nichols censing an altar, did my eyes deceive, or was he wearing a dalmatic under his chasuble?

young priest from the midlands said...

mr lindsay,

indeed- +Nichols wears the pontifical dalmatic when required!an excellent man - our loss is westminster's gain!

Matt said...

I hope he won't be taking Jennings with him. He will certainly be out of his depths dealing with the National media as has already been reported.

mafeking said...

I saw ++Nichols being interviewed on C4 on Friday evening. To be honest I was disappointed because again, he didn't state Catholic teaching clearly and unequivocally. He hedged around a bit with some of his answers. He seemed nervous and didn't seem the confident TV performer I've seen before. I just hope this is because it's early days and he's finding his feet.

Found this on the Catholic Action blog:

St. Peter, pray for ++Nichols

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