Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday at St Peter's


George said...

Wonderful photos Fr.Ray. Thank you for sharing those with us. Our Pope looks in great form, despite his recent trip to Africa which must have been exhausting!

May Holy week be a renewal for us all and strengthen us in our Faith.

God Bless our Pope and all our Priests and Religious.

Jane said...


Our Holy Father did look tired at last Sunday's Angelus but was in fine fettle aat Wednesday's GA and the Mass for John Paul II on Thursday eveining. This morning he was on top form. I watched the whole thing on kto. Lasted three hours, including the Angelus. They went off air just after he'd boarded the Popemobile for a 'lap of honour' in the Square. It was probably four hours by the time he went 'home for lunch'.

That last pic. shows one of my favourite moments. It was just after Jesus had 'breathed his last' in the reading of the Passion. Well, actually it was several very long moments and the huge crowd praying with him in absolute silence. It reminded me of the Eucharistic Adoration at Lourdes last September.

kto will probably have the video up on their site by tomorrow. The commentary is French of course, but unobtrusive and absorbed in the profound spirituality of what's going on.

Father Ray,

Thanks very much for these souvenirs of a wonderful experience.

In Christo pro Papa

gemoftheocean said...

Great pics. [Is the pope extra short, or is Fr. J. Boyle's doppleganger in height in Rome?]

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