Friday, April 03, 2009

Vincent Nichols to Westminster

Every other blog has taken up the news in today's Times, it is His Grace, the Archbishop of Birmingham.
Pray for him, he could be very good!
And pray for an imaginative appointment to Birmingham!


Fr Ray Blake said...

Hugh let's wait and see.

the owl of the remove said...

Perhaps your Ordinary?

Riccardo said...

There doesn't seem to be much joy surrounding this appointment. I was hoping for a more inspired choice.

pelerin said...

I see the long wait is over! As I was out of the country for the weekend I only learnt the news last night when I could not resist consulting the blogosphere after my return.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on now and the comments seem to be quite divided. One said 'Te Deum laudamus' and another 'Miserere nobis.' So perhaps the new Archbishop could be described as 'middle of the road?'

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