Friday, April 03, 2009

Vincent Nichols

Someone suggested he was the Catholic Church's Peter Mandelson. I think she meant he was, "as gentle as dove and as wise as a serpent". Exactly what we need in England and Wales today.


mafeking said...

Too true. Too many of our Bishops seem to have no street sense. They can't stick up for the faith or put the bullies in their place. I've heard mixed things about +Nichols so I hope you are right. He is certainly a confident TV performer so let's hope he "preaches the gospel boldly" and puts this ability to good effect. We desperately need someone who will lead from the front and who can take a bit of flack. Let's hope he's the man for the job.

St. Peter, pray for us and pray for +Nichols

I.P> said...

Peter Mandelson? What a comparison! What is needed is a Manning, a Vaughan, or a Heenan. To take an ecumenical view, a Temple, a Geoffrey Fisher, or a Jacobovits, would also be good patterns. Bishop Nichols needs to be tough, outspoken, and expect to be vilified. Pray for him.

kfca said...

I was overjoyed when the news of ++Vincent's appointment to Westminster was made official - the Church here has been very blessed. A much larger and stronger man than any of his recent predecessors, he will be a powerful local focus for Catholics in England and Wales, and those within the Church who oppose his translation should be warned in advance of the consequences of his attention being deflected by actions arising from bitterness, envy and strife. In any case, as Archbishop Nichols will have many powerful orthodox allies in the Church outside England, the cooperation of his fellow bishops, many of whom - like Cormac – their time has passed or is passing, is not particularly important to his mission.
It was also pleasing to see that he is being installed on the day the Universal Church celebrates Ascension Thursday, if not the English Church in the OF - at present.
++Vincent needs both our prayers and our support and good will, so please pray for him. Pray also for the Archbishop emeritus: ++Cormac is no longer a young man and has possibly had a few blows recently - ++Vincent’s appointment draws a very solid line under his influence in the Archdiocese, something I suspect he wasn’t expecting, and to a much lesser extent another strong and holy priest from Westminster (someone, I suspect who is not of Cormac’s own stripe) has been appointed to ICEL, and from there no doubt one day back to head an English diocese.

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