Thursday, April 23, 2009

LMS at Ushaw

The LMS have a training conference at Ushaw, I was invited to speak at the conference but couldn't manage it, so I was pleased to see the wonderful pictures on The Latin Mass Society RC Diocese of Middlesbrough. I think it is wrong to compare usages of the liturgy, but a lady my in parish said, "I really do prefer the old Mass, Father, we don't have to see your face then, it's much nicer". I think she was joking, but some of these photographs are stunning.

One of the reasons I couldn't get there is that Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith, formerl of Kenya and Ely Place, moved in to stay with me until he gets a parish of his own.


berenike said...

You could always say the NO versus Deum :-)

Ottaviani said...

I think it is wrong to compare usages of the liturgy...???!

M Johnson said...

Such a pity the LMS wrecked Merton.

gemoftheocean said...

Regards the "without looking at yoru face" bit, I'm a little confused. You're not up there pulling a gookie, are you?

English Catholic said...


As the two forms are clearly different how can it be wrong to compare them?

They were clear reasons given for why certain dramatic changes were made. How can it be wrong to discuss whether those arguments are valid?

The reform of liturgy has clearly had massive consequences for the daily life of Catholics, and most orthodox Catholics are agreed that those consequences have been generally or wholly negative.

Is the comparison of the rites not therefore a matter of urgency?

roydosan said...

M Johnson Ushaw College is a far more practical option than Merton.Merton Chapel may be wonderful but the logistics of so many priests saying their private Masses and having to move to other buildings for lectures, etc did not suit it. Ushaw on the other hand has ample wonderful side chapels and altars, as well as excellent lecture halls, dining facilities and accomodation - all under one roof. God willing this will become an annual event.