Sunday, September 26, 2010

Papal Visit Souvenir

One of my parishioners showed me his unique souvenir of the papal visit: a 3 inch tiara and cross keys with "Benedict XVI" in a scroll underneath it on his upper arm.
I asked him why he had done it. His reply was, "I was going to get one done, I just didn't know I wanted, the Pope's visit reminded I was a Catholic, sometimes I am not that good at standing up for my faith. Now I can't really deny it, can I?"

Is this what Abp Nichols had in mind?

Anyone got a more radical way of saying, "I am a Catholic and I love the Pope".

For my part I did ask for a Fanta in the pub after this mornings Mass, they didn't have one, I settled for a gin and tonic. Does having a tattoo hurt that much?


Fr. Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬) said...

You may be more likely to get that tattoo after G(s)&T than after Fanta(s).

me said...

I got a blessed Newman medal and prayer card, after Mass at the B/Ham Oratory yesterday, which will always remind me of the Pope's visit and encourage devotion to Cardinal Newman hopefully. If I wear it, it might provoke questions leading to me talking positively about the Pope. The Oratory isn't my parish Church, I just wanted to recapture my memories of seeing the Pope there last week.

Mindyou, they do a nice bacon sarnie after the 8.30 morning Mass and their piety 'stall' is more like a proper book shop. I only had one pound to spend, but managed to get two 2010 St Paul Sunday Missals for 40 pence each! Bargain!! I know it's nearly 2011, but it's still a good deal for three months usage.

Sorry Father, I've digressed atrociously. It's my age.

berenike said...


The Bones said...

Yes! Let's all get tattoos!

Annie said...

Yes, Laurence!

nickbris said...

The Magnificat we were all issued with is the perfect souvenir.

Tattoos portraying religious affiliation are for Prods

Mrs McLean said...

I got lost in Glasgow after dark with a Vatican flag and a poster of the pope. I could have been carried to the bus station by cheering Celtic supporters or beaten to a pulp by Rangers fans--both were equally possible.

Fortunately Bl. John Henry Newman heard my pleas and I found the bus station without any drama.

universal doctor said...

Bet the tattoo artist was surprised!
Kudos to the boy/ girl. Which saint is it who carved the sacred cross onto his/ her own chest when their crucifix was torn from their neck?

John said...

Dear Father,
This is the first time that I’ve ever read your blog and the first post I read is something I have been thinking about for a while. I’ve been interested in getting a couple of religious tattoos for a year or so and, like your parishoner, the Pope’s visit again inspired me to think about it.
I worked in a Catholic school in India during my Gap Year and all the Catholic children had small crosses tattooed onto the base of their thumbs. This was done almost universally and I cannot believe it was done against the wishes of the hierarchy of the church. At the time my views were mixed, coming from a middle-class family I wasn’t at all keen on tattoos but I loved the fact that the someones faith was so obvious for another to see.
In Leviticus tattooing is strictly forbidden, but Catholics are not obliged to follow all the Jewish laws. I’ve heard others claiming that as we are made in the image of God that we should do nothing to change that. However many acts, such as fasting, could be seen as damaging the body, as well as the monks traditions of shaving the hair off the fornt of their head, could be seen as needlessly changing their image. (I don’t think anyone is arguing against haircuts!)
These are just some quick thoughs of mine. I look forward to browsing your previous blog entries and reading your further posts.
God Bless.

Independent said...

I wonder how many people have bothered to read the CTS pamphlet on John Henry Newman? Surely a renewed interest in Newman should be a fitting souvenir of the recent visit by perhaps his most eminent admirer? Are any churches commissioning talks about him?

Anonymous said...

hi there Father, in response to the Holy Father's call to be proud of my Catholic faith i no wwear a rosary bracelet from the Aid to the Church in Need. As a man it gets some curious looks where I work but I see it as a little sign in the City of London of God's light. Seán

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