Monday, March 31, 2008

Papal Skateboard

Curt Jestor
NEW YORK - One of the many gifts Pope Benedict will receive when he arrives in New York City next month will be a skateboard designed by a local child.The Archdiocese of New York is holding a contest this spring to see who could design the best "Official Papal Skateboard" for the 80-year-old pontiff.About 70 children entered the competition. A winner has yet to be picked.The idea for the contest came from a youth skateboarding club at St. Elizabeth's Church in Manhattan.

A bit silly? Only in the US? But CJ has the pictures, as well as skateboarding friars.


Volpius Leonius said...

When giving a gift aren't you supposed to at least partly consider the person you are giving the gift to?

Anonymous said...

Giving a skateboard to the Pope is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. How about a contest to design the most tasty loaf of pasteurized processed cheese spread for the Dali Lama? Or a competition to find the most complete paperclip collection to be given to the Archbishop of Canterbury? Note: when giving a gift to someone, its usually polite to consider what they would like, not what you’re into.

Anonymous said...

just think in years to come visitors to the Vatican Museum will be able to gaze in awe and wonder at such a marvellous gift!

George said...

Yikes! Lighten up guys - even Papa Benedict was young once and I'm sure will appreciate this gift from the kids. I bet he will grin from ear to ear as he accepts his 'unusual' gift. No-one actually expects him to ride it!!!!
However our great Pope is full of surprises....... LOL!

USSeminarian said...

I think this is a great idea! I have seen, on numerous occasions, the CFRs being depicted skating which I think is awesome and an example of holiness for youth across the country and even the world. As for the skateboard, I think it says something about taking the secular culture and doing something holy with it. Skating has been up and growing in the last 10 years, in the States, and I think it is a reminder to youth to do all they do for Christ, or at least have a physical reminder of God's presence whether that be having a baseball complex named after a Pope/Saint/etc., or, in this case, giving a skateboard to the Pope! Also, "Anonymous", you are assuming that the skateboard would be something the Pope wouldn't like! Have you talked to him and asked him? Ohhh...maybe you don't know!!! I suppose you wanted this particular youth to give the Pope some grand and elegant gift; well, that also wouldn't be very representative of the youth giving the gift. A gift should also have some sentimental value to it. I know I saw a picture on Whispers in the Loggia of JPII with a hockey stick; not sure if it was a gift or what but he seemed to be joyous with it! It's the thought that also counts, don't forget that!

USSeminarian said...

Read the full story:

Anonymous said...

Dear Seminarian,

1. You're right. I don't know first-hand if the Pope likes to skateboard or not. (I can't believe I'm actually having this conversation.)

2. How is skateboarding holy? Because it is done by friars? I know holy priests who pump gas when they fill up their car. Does that make it a holy fillerup? BTW, the secular culture isn't holy-- that's what makes it secular.

3. No, I wouldn't expect children to give the Pope an expensive gift. (Something you certainly didn't know but nevertheless jumped to a conclusion!) I would, however, hope that someone in charge over there would direct children into giving a gift that is certainly grand and elegant: a spiritual gift: ie spiritual bouquet for his intentions, learning to sing some sacred piece by his favorite composer, Mozart, and performing it for him, learning the prayers of the Rosary in German and reciting for him on his birthday, etc.

4. It is the thought that counts. I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, the thought never arose: "What would the Holy Father like to receive most from me?" Rather, the skateboard idea stems from the mistaken thought all too prevalent today, "How can I celebrate myself?" Again, I don't blame the children, but those who aren't directing their well-intentioned efforts correctly.

gemoftheocean said...

It's something he most likely doesn't have. Forget the board, what's with the codpiece? And you people think *we're* strange!

Richard said...

US Seminarian said "I know I saw a picture on Whispers in the Loggia of JPII with a hockey stick; not sure if it was a gift or what but he seemed to be joyous with it!"

Do you mean this one?