Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I just realised something new about being a Catholic

I met our the head teacher of our primary school last night, we were both in Rome but I was too busy to meet up with her.

For her, it was her first visit, she had gone with the bishop and other heads of Catholic Schools. I was very touched when she spoke of the effect on her and how it made her want to deepen her understanding of the faith. The most moving part of her trip was realising how universal the Church was at the papal audience, last week there was this Mexican band, "it is so special having so many people from every part of the world around you, all intent on hearing the Pope". The other thing that impressed her was Mass in the catacombs, "the realisation that the saints our brothers and sisters are buried there with you at Mass".

Halden is such a good thing, she has really worked wonders with our school.

I am impressed by our bishop too, such a brilliant idea taking our head teachers to the tombs of the Apostles for this bit of "bonding" with one another and the Apostles!

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Anonymous said...

I think it was a great idea of Bishop Conry's. His last pastoral letter for lent was excellent as well. I would say a lot of teachers imbued with leftist socialist utopian ideals would be quite happily surprised by the larger Catholic society. It is the only universal model that actually works.


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