Saturday, March 08, 2008

Missale Romanum: 59 Euros

I found this in Rome, it is the complete 1962 Missal, it is a study edition and only 59 euros!
Although the paper and binding is slightly inferior with tapes and tabs and care in use it could be used on the altar, it is just marginally smaller than an altar missal.
It is published by the Vatican publishing house.


Pastor in Monte said...

I have to confess I got mine for 53 Euros in Venice.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

This looks like a very nice book indeed, but I wonder if, like many books these days, its binding is quite strong enough for its weight.

In my book collecting days, I used to handle my heavy art books very carefully in order to avoid damage to the spine.

Beautifully bound though they were, I don't think they would have survived the wear and tear which an altar Missal is subject to !

However, Father seems to have made a very handsome purchase, and I congratulate him.

I would simply say "Handle with care".

And keep it slipcased when not in use.

Tom in Vegas said...

That looks like a GREAT buy!

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