Sunday, March 09, 2008

A story?

I have just been looking at some of the photographs I took in Rome last week.
Is there a connection between the orange fireflies nd the green catepillar by the western side of the altar.

I hadn't noticed either of these when I took the pictures.


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

The only connection I can see is that both pictures feature St. Peter's basilica, from the outside and the inside.

Conspiracy theorists could probably explain the fireflies and the caterpilla.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of dusk in Rome although the cloud on the top right seems very ominous!

Regarding the green caterpillar - I think its mate resides in my kitchen cupboard!

I do enjoy seeing quirky photos. Do you have any more to show us, Father? I took one last year of a traditional wooden carved confessional - on the priest's side were stacked all the paraphernalia for cleaning including bucket, mops, dusters etc. Physical cleaning as opposed to spiritual cleansing for which the confessional was originally constructed. A sign of the times?

George said...

Peter - the 'fireflies' are aliens, sent to count the numbers of Faithful visiting St Peters, so they know how many spaceships to send for the day of Parousia, and the caterpillar is a 'green lizard' as followers of David Icke would immediately recognise. Conspiracy? No, never (but I can tell you that I AM being followed!)

Mulier Fortis said...

Am I missing something? I thought the "fireflies" were traffic lights.

Physiocrat said...

You would not like to go to confession in a dirty confessional, would you? At least if it is being cleaned it shows it is getting used.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Marini obviously dropped his holy water sprinkler in his hurry to leave. ffn

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...


You are an acute observer of the Roman scene, and your argument is a convincing one, but would aliens know about the Parousia ?

I am convinced some ghastly enterprise is afoot, and that somehow St. Peter's is the key.

Let us marshall our facts.

What are those mysterious shrubs which line the via della conciliazione really doing there ?

They seem harmless enough, but could they be triffids waiting a signal to converge on St. Peter's ?

A traffic signal, perhaps ? I think we are on to something here.

Consider the Strange Case of the Clarification from "Ecclesia Dei"
Why has it been delayed ?

Let us not forget the myterious stranger seen in the shadows of the Borgo Pio.

True, it might have Fr.Ray taking photographs, but we must not allow ourselves to be so easily put off the scent.

Was the green caterpillar placed there by a criminal mastermind as a ploy ?

These are deep waters, Watson.

We must be on our guard.

George said...

Peter - are THEY following you aswell? See how easily even the likes of the great Mulier are taken in by seemingly innocent looking 'traffic lights'. Hah! What do they know - ignorance is bliss. Yikes - we're all for it!

PS - who is this mysterious stranger Bongo Rio? A fellow of the arch-villain Yellow Pinky perhaps? The plot thickens.

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