Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Holy week pictures

At times we need a bigger church: last Easter the Polish community who were unable to get into Church blocked the traffic in the street.

From the beginning of Passiontide we have been covering the altar, the legs are really ugly and the stencilling on the mensa is just meaningless. My tiny garden garden this year produced a crop of olive branches and palms for the Processsional Cross. I am not sure what should really happen with it on Palm Sunday, there is something odd about have a bag on a staff, though we veil everything else.

The legs and stencils came back for Good Friday.


Anonymous said...

Good pictures of the altar and your vestments, Father. My wife and I were at St Mary Magdalen for the Triduum and your homilies were an inspiration. The choir was excellent and I would like to send the choirmistress and all the members my congratulations. They must have worked very hard. Well done everyone.

Anonymous said...

Because of the snow I was unable to attend the Easter Vigil Mass as planned, or morning Mass.

Feeling very down, I became resigned to 'missing' Easter this year when I remembered the Polish Mass.

I know no Polish though the words 'Alleluia' and 'Amen' were recognisable. And when the Polish 'Our Father' was sung to the familiar music of the 'Pater Noster' I have to admit to joining in quietly in Latin.

It was a privilege to attend and the devotion of the huge congregation was so tangible. The mostly young people stood or knelt for the duration of the Mass without a murmur.

I shall remember my 'Polish Easter' for some time - and all because of the snow! Thank you, Father, for allowing the Polish community to use St Mary Magdalen's.

Volpius Leonius said...

It is a shame that the suppression of the Latin Mass has created national divisions among the faithful don't you think Father?

How much better would it have been if the Poles could have comfortably worshipped alongside the English people in a shared latin rite, they would have renewed our parishes, just like the Irish did previously.

I do not blame them why should Polish Catholics be forced to worship at the English rite when it is so alien to them and must seem like a seperate Faith from that of their homeland, I know I had similiar feelings when I have had to attend vernacular Masses in Italy and Malta.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It's a gorgeous church though father.

Nothing like the pathetic hovel we have in the village. It is so bad there, between the patent irreligion of the people who attend, and the pathetic watery drivel coming from the priest together with the Novusordoism, that I gave the whole thing a pass this year, as a direct threat to my faith. There are only very infrequent bus services to Chester eight miles away that almost dry up completely on Sundays so I'm at home reading my missal most Sundays. It is painful to see the Faith in this country so close to the edge of death.

Joseph Fromm said...

Polish people love a packed church

Anonymous said...

Your (undressed) altar is not unlike the rather vulgar 1970 (?) one at St Marie's in Sheffield.

nickbris said...

Yes Father it was the best ever and the Church was beautiful

The choir makes all the difference,they are great.
Congratulations to Clare and all the members.

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