Friday, March 07, 2008

Back from Rome

I am back from Rome, exhausted. There are plenty of things I didn't do, and wanted to do.
I didn't see my bishop who was in Rome with the head of Catholic Schools including the headteacher of my own school.
I didn't meet anyone from ICEL, who were in Rome, for another meeting to discuss the English Missal, I did see Cardinal Murphy O'Connor in the Borgo Pio.
I didn't get to the Audience.
I did see some of the party of the Patriarch of Constantinople. I did have tea with Fr Charles, a White Father, and discuss the forthcoming dialogue with the Holy See and Islamic scholars but as so much might be a little sensitive, I'll have to think about what can be introduced into the public forum, even bloggers should be responsible.
What I did notice was the number of young priests in St Peter's who used the Extraordinary Form, mostly on their own, some with small groups of religious. It was an interesting contrast with the loud wordy liturgy of American concelebrations which were also prevalent in the Basilica.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Glad you have changed according to your internet profile from being merely "anonymous".
Actually I think there is quite a bit of growth taking place, mainly amongst the young.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home,
missed your posts.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Father - we missed you. No-one ever gets to do all they hoped/planned in Rome anyway - the place is exhausting!

George said...

Roma - my wife and I adore the place. Favourite city! Hope you had a great time and you know.... signed off all the er... personal recommendations etc... etc... special papers E&W... re Fr Tim. LOL!

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