Monday, March 31, 2008

Social networking site for young Catholics around the world

A social networking site for young Catholics is being launched today. will offer religious-themed blogs, videos, music and competitions, complete with discussion forums on everything "from climate change to sexuality".
Its Australian founders say the aim is to establish a 'virtual parish' that will connect the young faithful across the world.
Groups and individuals will be able to have their own pages on the site, although word filters will be employed to weed out inappropriate content.
The site has been produced by Church Resources, the telecommunications arm of the Australian Catholic Church.
It is being launched to coincide with Catholic Schools Week and ahead of World Youth Day in July.
Faithtrip spokeswoman Catherine Smibert said: "It is a one-stop point for all the Catholic communities of the world.
"It has been constructed to support both the individual and community in a high-functioning, safe and trustworthy environment."
The project was started after the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference decided it wanted to harness modern technology to spread the religious message around the world.
To visit the site see:

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Anonymous said... will offer ... everything "from climate change to sexuality".

Nothing about God or spirituality then?

Quelle surprise.

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