Monday, August 13, 2007

I wept

This is a short fim about the consequences of being a priest in China, it is fictional, but intimidation, beatings, imprisonment, torture and even death are part of the life of an underground priest in China.

saturno tip Fr Tim


JARay said...

I too, Father!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is an affecting film but it was made in the United States and tries to achieve maximum emotional effect to the point of kitsch. But any priest who was ill-advised enough to minister to a dying woman in public conspicuously wearing a stole and using a ritual is asking for trouble. From what I have read about the Church in China, priests have to work inconspicuously because of danger and this event would not have happened. Absolution can validly be given incognito and unvested and happens all the time there. The bitter irony is that the Patriotic Church remains unchanged and uninfluenced in any way by the reforms of Vatican II. It represents a Summorum Pontificum dream come true. The underground Church conforms to the point of martyrdom.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I'm sory, Fr. Ray.
You obviously think this is an important video, but I can't view it on my PC.
It downloads O.K., but then it doesn't play.
So I can't comment. Sorry.
Anyone else having similar difficulties ?

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am not having any problem, but click the logo and go to You Tube and try it there.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I had problems playing it on my cheapo laptop-but the desk top managed it.

It's very moving. I showed my son who is interested in making these kinds of films himself.
The more Catholics willing to do this the better.

I've got Raymond Arroyo on my MP3 interviewing a Chaldean bishop. We need another film me thinks.

God bless you father.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Thank you Fr. Ray.
I went to You Tube, and the video worked.

I was able to view it, but almost wish I hadn't.
It is horrible.
Yes, I realise it is a portrayal, acted out for the camera.

But it is not fictional.
These things are really happening in China, along with the arrest and imprisonment of Catholic bishops, some of whom have been sent to forced labour camps for many years until they are broken in health or old age.

So terribly wicked.

I personally do not believe the Vatican's cautious overtures to the Patriotic Association will lead to a rapprochement with the communist authorities.

It is difficult to see that anything has changed in China since 1949.

The communist government wants to retain absolute control over the Patriotic Association and its bishops. It does not want approval from Rome.

See how they have responded to the recent letter from Pope Benedict.

The Vatican policy of Ostpolitik was not exactly a conspicuous success in eastern europe, until the fall of the communist regimes.
A similar policy will not work with communist China.

I may be reading the current situation wrongly, but it seems hopeless to even attempt to change "hearts and minds" within the communist government.

I hope and pray (what else can I do ?) that Rome will not desert the millions of Catholics suffering in the "underground Church" in pursuit of a chimera.

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