Thursday, August 02, 2007

Vocations and orthodoxy

I have added Roman Catholic Vocations to my link list, Interesting Blogs; I got the Benedict Groeschel story about religious life from that blog. Check out the site.

The excellent Joee Bloggs has a excellent link to story about the growth of Religious life in the USA. The modernised liberal orders are dying off, no one wants to join them, whereas the traditional ones, that are loyal to the Church and loyal to their traditions are for the most part thriving. It reminds me of Cardinal Pell's letter to the Tablet in which he said,

"...My problem with Catholic liberalism is that it is ineffective, unattractive to young Catholics, and often drains strength from the Church rather than building it up. It is increasingly irrelevant to the religious struggle, particularly in Britain.
...I have long been disappointed by The Tablet's persistent subversions of some Catholic teaching and mystified by the inability of the English bishops to nudge it towards a more productive line of witness, ...."

The thing is that if you want to save whales, and you are young, you join Green Peace, if you want save souls, yours included, then you become part of the Catholic Church and think seriously about vocation. The fascinating thing is that wherever bishops take the Church's teaching seriously it flourishes, whenever they loose sight of the Tradition that has been handed on to them it becomes sick and dies.
Orthodoxy triumphs, heterodoxy dies.

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Anonymous said...

The more I read about Cardinal Pell, the more I admire him.

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